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What? Being a player that plays in Europe means you are a better player than if you play in Major League Soccer. Heist of levels in Europe, I should say. Sure. Look, if the last story made us think of Mexico's desperation, this story makes me think of Mexico's desperation as well because this to me is a reflection of Tata martino looking at that roster and saying, wait a second, this guy could be playing at a place like Atlético Madrid and he's at Houston dynamo. Well, okay, I got a bunch of other guys that are playing at the elite levels, right? No, that's the problem for Tata martino. If he had ten, 12, 15 guys at the elite levels. He wouldn't be talking about this. You know what else? Would stop him from talking about this. Right now looked great. Had come to Houston and bawled out. My concern when I made the move is that even just those few months in Major League Soccer would put him off from being at the elite level for the World Cup. Tata martino her correct me if I'm wrong is not saying this if he's not seeing a significant drop in ector or game since he returned to Major League Soccer. I can't even tell you it's been a drop in his game. He's not been available. That's a reality. He's a little older, longer into tooth and father time is undefeated. So who knows if it's the level or if it's injury or what the case may be, but it's funny. It is funny. The hypocrisy that comes out of FMF is hilarious to me because Carlos vela, please come back with us, please, please. It's okay for you to play an MLS. Come to us. Not a he's wasting his time. So what is it? So you know I don't know very well, right? Like, if I were a player, and just before a World Cup, I heard my coach saying this about me, I'd be a little hurt. I'd be a little hard. Now, maybe you would say I'm sensitive. How do you think ector era will hear these comments from Tata Martin? 'cause they are criticisms, not just of MLS, but of the player himself. So you said you would be hurt, right? Yeah. Yeah. Or like bothered. It wouldn't sit well with me. For a second bear with me. Carlos fellow same situation, he would be bothered. Maybe there are other players who would be hurt. Maybe there are other places where a little bit more sensitive and would feel like that's a betrayal. I think actor falls along those lines. I think it would see this and feel a little betrayed, a little slap in the face. Do you think, do you think it might impact his playing time at the World Cup? Do you think he's still the lock to be the huge piece for Tata martino or do you think this is a little bit of a warning shot that hey ash is not at that level? Y'all think he's at and he's not going to play the role in Qatar. If he is healthy or anywhere near play because the dive or the option. It's a Charlie Rodriguez or it ends up being a Luis Romo. I don't think that's where he wants to go with this. All right, questions about ector era, but not nearly the type of questions that we have about raul Jimenez, who is a big injury doubt

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