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Hardening their resolve more determined that we're not gonna let the slide that we will not allow anyone to hijack our revolution. Be third parties who have an interest in the regime stinking place. Be it. The military council. The has. No. That is obviously not interested in giving power no sharing power with the civilian government. So we're more determined than ever and we're going to push through. There's a civil disobedience plan massive disobedience pan starting from Sunday, hopefully that will cripple the government systems and the government entities and most likely will also go back to the tactics that we use when reversed went out protests in December, which is basically small pockets of protests coming out in the neighborhoods barricades galvanizing people to come back. And I think once the shock wears off will see a completely different scenario unfolding in front of our eyes. We're not giving up we've come to far to give up now and this is a revolution. This is our fights and all those who've died haven't I in vain tomorrow, we get the long view of Sudan, and its people, they are desperate, desperate that their story be heard by the world scholar. Eric Reeves says the attack this week on Sudan's pro democracy. Protesters is a bad sign for what could come next the rise of the judge a weed, aka the rapid support forces is creating a split in Sudan's military, there's tremendous disatisfaction, especially in the middle ranks the majors colonels lieutenants, which stand up to the rapid support forces, and they would have superior firepower that divide could lead sedan back into civil war, and another humanitarian crisis which could be bad news for the whole region. This is a pivotal country in northeastern Africa and it stretches. From the Mediterranean to the equator practically if there is civil warrants. Dan? There will be flood of Sudanese migrants to the European continent. It will be very bloody very nasty and could be quite protracted. The crisis in Sudan that conversation tomorrow here on the world. Scott Warren is a humanitarian aid, volunteer in Arizona. He's also a criminal in the eyes of prosecutors. Warren is on trial this week in Tucson for felony charges of transporting and harboring undocumented migrants. If convicted he could get up to twenty years in prison activists like Warren work throughout the southwestern desert leaving food and water for migrants crossing through the harsh conditions there reporter Claire Mullen has the story..

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