Miguel Rojo, Rod Barajas, Roy Hus discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz


Part of this happy make baseball planning without having to have you know needing miguel rojo to have a big game you have miguel rolls on your team yeah that's the band after all he hit two homers you guys are saying that the best feeling the world i got saying the best feeling in the entire world is doing something successfully infanticide that miguel row they would had to home run of them on a sleeper one year that i had rod barajas oh for me how many homers let me see let me see i'm gonna go to plug and play it wasn't even my catcher one don't tell me the year i'm gonna check out rob barrage stats and i'm gonna guess the have it didn't have doubled one year i know he hit a world series homer rod barajas you till standard fifty two here's an amendment to that original point of the best feeling in the world is when you have someone known expects to do good the best feeling in the world never involvement go roy hus ever never ever ramon castro why would you have him the game of petrol this game of old catch up nato bob natal back backup catchers though no baako put it hit a lick but maddux like eddie perez heavy solid bras back two thousand nine sounds about right yep what he doing seventeen ding dongs that is so good for backup see catcher back starting catcher thirty nine wow.

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