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Some good news and updates to a pair of power outages from last night. DT says that almost all of their customers in both Southfield and along the Sterling Heights and Warren border f- had their electricity restored at the height of the outages about twelve hundred people were in the dark and Southfield about eight hundred off the grid. In mccone county says an equipment malfunction is to blame and Detroit additional action now being taken against an officer involved in a controversial social media post. Newsradio nine fifty John Hewitt has details chief James Craig again used the word troubling when talking about the Snapchat video and comments posted last week. By corporal, Gary Steele, who had made a traffic stop on the city's west side, forcing a young female driver to walk home after impounding her vehicle writing among other comments, a celebration of black history month as the investigation continues. Craig says steel in eighteen year department veteran and his partner who was not identified will be suspended with pay certainly when we look at a police officer engaging in this kind of behavior. This is. Not our expectation is certainly not the expectations of the men and women working this organization so important for us to take swift action and dealing with this kind of behavior. So again, both have been suspended effective immediately. The chief went on to say there were other cultural issues as he put it coming out of the six precinct. That are also being investigated in Detroit. John Hewitt, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty but coach of the New Haven high school girls basketball team now in jail accused of having sex with a student double J's, Michael Cohen. If the latest from thirty seven the district court in warrant a detective described finding Forty-three-year-old coach Lou Thuan Turner, having sex with a seventeen year old student athlete in a car at the red Rufin at eleven mile into quitter this past Saturday, the victims twenty one year old brother who asked not to be identified spoke to us after the arraignment. He says looking back. There were some red flags when it comes to Turner's behavior touching the girls on.

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