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Are Are legally prohibited from unionizing or going on strike. Think about that. So you know, we're like air traffic controllers. You know, it's we can't really do much to protect ourselves. But there has got to be a lot of lobbying. Once we get out of this pandemic, and I would say that we really are there now. This has got to be one of the most important topics for us to address Because otherwise we will find ourselves. I guarantee back in the same boat when you look at the amazing power, the overwhelming power of big Pharma on politicians, uh, and the thousands and thousands of political campaigns candidacies that have been supported by Big Pharma. There's no question that an awful lot of politicians are in the pockets of big pharma and pharmacies, a huge lobbying Course in Washington, so this will happen again if we aren't careful, and we've got to assure that it doesn't In the state of California. We're supposed to be open. Whatever that means. On June, the 15th The president has set a goal of July the fourth of getting 70% of Americans at least partially vaccinated. They're now beginning to admit that that number will probably not be met. When we don't meet that number. If we don't meet that number, do you believe they're going to roll back the reopening of the country or are they going to declare victory and move on? I sure hope it's the latter John just to be very clear The reason that they are not going to meet that 70% goal isn't by any fault, frankly of theirs. In terms of their efforts with this vaccine initiative, it's because the people who haven't been vaccinated at this point in the ball game. Don't want to be vaccinated. You can make it and you can come to their door step offer it to them. You can roll up and they don't even have to leave their home. The bottom line is we've plateau owed because the people who wanted you get vaccinated have done so and the people who haven't been vaccinated at this point Because there is more than adequate vaccines out there. They're available at all kinds of venues, freestanding vaccine sites, plus all of the pharmacies and doctors, offices and hospitals. This is an issue it's plateau owed because there are people and it's certainly upwards of probably 40 plus percent of the population that isn't Interested in being vaccinated for any number of reasons. Largely not, There's not not because most of those people are quote Anti-vaxxers. That's a tiny, tiny fraction of the population. The people who haven't been vaccinated are largely people like myself, who already had covid and recovered and know full well that I don't need a vaccine. Or there are people who do not want to participate in a vaccine experiment because all of these vaccines are still entirely experimental. They are not FDA approved, and there are people who have significant concerns about them because of the number of adverse events that have happened, and because they haven't been fully tested on large groups of people. So I think what will happen is when July 4th comes and we don't have 70% of the population vaccinated. I suspect if they're smart, they will say they will stop this because they understand you are not going to force that group of people into getting vaccinated at this point, and they would do well just to open up. And let things play out over the summer months. Because of the lack of demand. I read that we may end up allowing any number of Johnson and Johnson vaccines in particular to spoil. Do you believe we're getting to a point to where we're going to see large amounts of vaccine spoiled because of the lack of demand? I do because they created more than they needed. And these things do have a relatively limited shelf life. Now, one thing you know, both Pfizer and Moderna are pushing really hard on the childhood vaccination issue right now fighter is has been authorized under the weight to be given to Children as young as 12. Moderna is still only as young as 18. But both of those companies are working very hard on getting some Wim. It'd amount of data on vaccinations for young Children. They are hoping to vaccinate kids as young as five years old. By September. I find it absolutely unconscionable, but that's where they're going with it right now, and both of them are also doing studies on Children as young as six months old. So if they, in fact get an extension for the emergency use authorization for those two vaccines. There may be more people willing to sacrifice their Children on the altar of vaccine experimentation. But Johnson and Johnson at this point is not used. At least I'm unaware that they are studying there. On kids, so they may end up wasting some that which simply isn't going to be used before it expires should they be sending that supply to other countries at this point? I do? Yes, I think I think so. I think that there are other countries that are in need of vaccine. And absolutely I'm a proponent of giving those vaccines to people who happened to fall. And they really really high risk categories for covid so people and the elderly age categories or with significant underlying co morbidity, and it would be a shame to waste. I don't believe in wasting any of those things any power of pharmaceutical products because there are lots of areas around the globe that would Absolutely take them with open arms. The CDC has also announced their easing travel recommendations on 110 countries and territories, including Japan. Is this an optimistic Sign that maybe our summer vacation plans might happen. Absolutely. I think it is in the you know, Opening up to travel is the first I think that's the you know, canary in the coal mine that I think that's something that you say Yes, this is going to go well, we'll float that out there and see a travel is such an important part of the economy and its sons are very, very important message to people that it's safe to get back to living. Likewise, you saw your Royal Caribbean dropped their vaccine mandates. Largely as a result of Ron De Santis, governor of Florida, saying that he was going to find any company that required vaccines. They're doing business in Florida. But the fact that Royal Caribbean's so quickly dropped that mandate rather than saying Well, in that case, you know we'll leave out of the port of Los Angeles. Believe out of, you know, a port in New York. They instead said, Okay, you know you win. It will still go out of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. But we won't require the vaccines. So I think there are a lot of positive science out there, particularly regarding travel. You have a question for Dr Kelly Victory. Give us a call at 802 22 k ABC, 1 802 2 to 5 to two to your calls coming up, but right now it's time to take a look at the roads. A BBC dependable traffic sponsored by Cal Hope. Org in the Department of Health Care Services Diamond Bar at the.

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