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Local it's four o'clock i'm liz warner the accused child rapist behind a mexican mega church is not going to get his massive bail lowered a is refusing to lower a record fifty million dollar bail the san joaquin garcia is accused of abusing several girls he and two other defendants are pleading not guilty a second defendant has a twenty five million dollar bail that the judge also refused to lower california state prosecutors fear that the evangelical leaders huge following will be able to raise bail money and help him flee to mexico kevin trip k._a._b._c. news president trump says the u._s. was cocked and loaded to retaliate against iran for downing an american drone but cancelled the strikes ten minutes before they were scheduled to be carried out here's kaitlan collins the president is saying he didn't think a strike was what was called for after they shot down that u._s. military drone and what you're hearing essentially as the president does explain that decision is how he's weighing his own Own instincts against what his national security advisers were telling him because essentially, everyone is favoring the president striking Iran. That includes his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and has national security adviser. John Bolton US immigration authorities plan to launch a sweeping effort on Sunday to deport recently arrived families who are in the US illegally. Corespondent, Jessica Schneider reports their removal likely won't be immediate families will be taken into custody and then moved to ice family residential detention centers. And that's where agency workers will gather up the families travel documents and then eventually removed those families, so this is a process here. And this appears really to be swift action taken by the administration LAPD. Michael Moore told the times that he believes about one hundred and forty individuals will be targeted in southern California. And additional one thousand national guard troops are being sent to the US Mexico border by Texas Republic. Governor Greg, Abbott Congress's a group of reprobates for not addressing across on our border and we're not we're not going to stand is they buy in endanger the lives and safety of the state of Texas, because congress is refusing to job memorial service for a sheriff's deputy Joseph Salona, who was shot in apparently, unprovoked attack inside, an Al Hamra, Jack in the box restaurant will be held Monday morning in downtown. LA Solano's funeral services will take place at the cathedral of Our Lady of angels on temple street beginning at nine thirty Monday morning. Talk radio seven ninety KABC sports.

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