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Of the audio when you listen to the parts you. Heard how many times did you hear Mr. Trump your former boss how many times did you hear used the n. word. Multiple times and was Multiple times, and was upsetting about this it was about someone that was on the cast was, me about quantum Jackson who was the African American contestant male? Contestants about how the first season of the apprentice by the way. Kwami Jackson When everybody's. Reached out to him says That is, hard No And a hard pass on anything to do with, Marissa wanted nothing to do with her. Adult Mark Burnett said. There's no tapes other people they're, saying look you know what a. Pin Gillette said the film the apprentice was kind of fun but there was Tanner, fifteen minutes, every couple of hours was, like nails on a chalkboard where it was just really you know he didn't say, you were but said some stuff and You just. Sit here and we're, we're, talking about this is what we're going to talk, about and let me tell you, something I'm gonna point some out. To you guys because this spin from both sides is already beginning because what people, are trying, to do now is the, people who still loved Trump Still up Trump whether he used the n. word or not They still love him they don't care they're going. To give him a pass, people that hate Trump already thought he says. It walks rounds whistling it and singing it all day long they. Believe he is somehow the grand. Wizard of the Klux Klan and he's all that is evil and they already believe that But there's a lot of people in. The center lane and Lovie, cetera or not I wasn't there I don't. Know like I I'm one of these people where it's like anything, else right like I I don't. Know what's in his heart I don't Senator, not I I've not. Heard it He says, it's not as vocabulary Now might have believed that. He's never said to this life I think ninety nine percent of the people in, the world of probably set, it whether it's in a conversation, asking about something talking about something and this is what happened. Describing something to somebody about something, and this is, what he said or she said or whether it is some people use it disparaging, joke because they think it's funny it's crass whatever it is and. Some because, they believe that way But what you're going to start to, find now is, the, spin right this pin here? Comes the spin the spins going to be out there and to me talking to my producers. Over the last couple of days and several other people watching how certain people in the right are going to, position themselves just in case there, is that tape that is out there and how were they. Going to position who they gonna, come after and, say see you guys want to go after Trump and you say all these things. Hey what about something like this I.

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