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That's really high stakes. And i like the way it makes extra stake tens regional number. So yeah i think i would keep it pretty close the way it is now. Maybe a seven-game series in the first round. Oh regular season games up. yeah i'd be. I would be okay with that. I i like that idea. We had a. We had a listener. Email a little while ago that we answered about sort of how to incentivize teams to continue to win in the face of what seems likely to be expanded playoffs at some point right like at some point we will almost certainly actually have a broader plan field. Even if it doesn't swell to the size that say last year's playoff field did and they proposed using a cutoff record. Cut off the potentially left you with an odd number of playoff teams that you would expand the field and you'd have sort of a maximum size but you also would have to be at least a five hundred team in order to make the playoffs. How would that work. If you have an odd number teams around robin. We decided that it probably would not work. was what we decided but i liked the spirit behind the question which was in the face of what we imagine will be a broader field. That might end up being diluted and then resembling something like what. The nba does for like half. The leak makes the playoffs but we kind of know going in the less good teams are likely to get bounced fairly quickly to try to still incentivized teams to win in order to secure spot and i like that idea although i think i said at the time five hundred seems like too low bar to make them clear one. Good thing about the current cutoff is that it seems to mostly get pretty decent teams the team. That's gonna get in the season where you're like. That record. Should not be a playoff record is not a wildcard team. Right and yeah. You can't really solve the fact that sometimes divisions are bad but even in the to wildcard era you want to be in the eighty eight to ninety win range to get the second wildcard. That's a good team. Yeah you know if you go if you're eighteen games over five hundred teams trash right. Yeah i don't think. I don't think so either this year we will have. You won't even really have any teams that are remotely close to just five hundred like we. We're going to be well off of that pays for this year's field we don't need to worry about it so then the next time i record effectively wild we will be in october. We'll be into the postseason and we do this thing where we tend to forget regular season as soon as that happens known is interested in in reassessing it until we get deep into the off season and have to come up with something to write everyday so i will ask you. Is there anything about the twenty twenty one season among teams. That aren't going to make the playoffs or that. You anticipate will not persist into the postseason that you will be sad to see. Go as we get into two playoff baseball. Well i think. I'm okay with this disappearing as we get into baseball but one thing that i liked this year was or at least finishing development of a six man rotation by a lot of teams in the league. And you guys had rob maine's on to kind of talk about that. I think it's a pretty fascinating idea in theory can lead to pitchers does not being as gassed as the season goes on. Yeah pitching andries are just really the worst. They're a lot less fun to me than pitchers leaving games earlier pitching slightly less often but irritation her way. I can see so that obviously won't the playoffs their off days. You'll use four starters into the six things are kind of completely changed but baseball's going that way whether you want to or not and i actually less catastrophic for the game. We think it is. It's not as bad as the decreasing. Aman starters pitch. That's not fun. You in band gone over the reasons for that many times but i think guys going every six days and maybe being more healthy because of that was perhaps a reaction twenty twenty but one that makes sense and i think we'll continue into the future. Gosh what are we all going to write this off season when we don't have any. How will the strange shortened season impact next year. It was no uncertainty this off season so just going to be tough. We have to turn the attention of the playoff odds to to the probability that we will end up with a cb by the death. Yeah we're gonna stimulate rodman negotiation strength grad school. All over again. well ben. I imagined that we will Force you to come back on here and by that. I mean i will ask you nicely and you'll say yeah. That sounds great before other band returns from his journey. But do you have anything on fan. Graphs dot com. That you would like to plug before we go. Go look at a bunch of pictures of our playoff odds. And next week shirley though i haven't written it yet. Read my defense of voting for corbin burns for cy young while you should. Oh you do you want to preview your defense. Now we have a little bit of time does this. Is this a controversial. Take it is. I don't think he's the cy young favorite and just. I think that's ridiculous i think he's he's having one of the best seasons in baseball history. I think that carrying overly much about innings pitched when someone is this dominant and just consistently so yeah is kind of misreading the situation. That's basically that. Say i just don't think that he certainly considered a runaway favourite i. He's the favourite and that just seems wrong to me. I think that we will look back on the season in twenty years and say wow like this is the best season that a pitcher had twenty twenty s. And so yeah. I just think that people need to be a little bit more solid on that. I do think burns. It's probably the favorite. But i don't think it should be close. I think that he should be more of a lock than robbie ray. And he's just not. I find that that. I i only end appearing bad award voting discourse secondhand which makes me feel like the folks. I'm following on twitter. Doing a really solid job. Because i would have just i mean. I know that from like a war perspective. The gap between him and wheeler isn't that significant. Although you know when you when you notice the difference in innings pitched i think you you look at that gap a little bit differently. But he's just been so incredible that i just assumed that the people thought he was. He was the obvious favorite which isn't a knock on. Zack wheeler he's put up an incredible season two at a time. When you know philly just beyond their top guys did not have reliable pitching but princess you spend so sparkling sparkling. I think that this would be a much less likely win. For burns of sherzer had fallen apart. Unless you ask. But i thought he was young before that so i guess this article is a little less urgent. Now that it feels like he's in the lead but right this is just. This doesn't need to be complicated. He's striking up more than anybody else. He's walking or anybody else he's giving up. Your home runs than anybody else that that's good. Yeah what are you. I said that we were going to go. And then i thought of other things to ask you. What do you make of the sherzer thing. Do you think he's just tired. I mean one of those starts was in colorado. So it's it's also a colorado thing Place the pitch could be a little bit tired sherzer predictive but he feels very streaky to me and i have a lot of nets fan friends and when the mets won the world series. They were all committed. Church will be bad every game and then he was good every game and he just like sometimes looks a little offer. His back is hurting Anyway because he's crazy person. I wouldn't shock me if he was hiding nagging injury right now and just playing it anyway because they need him to. Measure ninety percent is a lot better than i mean. Bullpen game featuring field dick fergus. Bickford i mean it is you are. You are correct about that but we. We should probably take a moment to like marvel once again if phil bickford beckford. He's pretty good. Yeah i didn't expect. It has not great hair but pretty good pitching. Oh where are you on where. What about his hair. Just please you. I just not a big long unkempt locks kind of person. sure fair enough. It reminds me of The three musketeers. It reminds me a little too. Much of the noah syndergaard jacob degrom not great long hair combination of the mets head. For a while as the. I didn't like syndergaards long hair because it was stringy. But i thought ground Here was luscious very shiny. He had some good curl. Felt like it was while conditions sometimes when men have long hair. I'm like conditioner exists. And you should use it because then that will look better. Why don't you do an oral history of jacob. Degrom getting rid of his hair. I don't think they will. I think the turning point will be geico commercial that he did for a local market in new york where people keep mistaking him for the geico. Caveman oh really..

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