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And it's about integrating. The area Veda as a complementary system of health care. We know we're not the total remedy, but we are part of the remedy and maybe eating the missing part of the remedy. Especially during these times of stress and unrest. I'll be hosting doctors on our faculty to present the progress are you Veda is making and research and how it's addressing Cove. It Other X will be talking about climate and other social issues that impact our health. So you can look at the The remedy Hashtag look for are details on next month on our website, and we talked a lot about the connection between yoga and iron Beta. So would you suggest for folks who are familiar with yoga that they may feel like there's a Ah sort of, like more easy connection, and they imagine tire Veda Yes, Definitely I you know, Yoga is part of the area Veda, But yoga definitely is more popular in mainstream and Arya Veda, I believe is riding the coattails of thie. You know, interest in proliferation of yoga in the US, but There there Sister Sciences. They were never meant to be separated. They, um, are inherently based on the same philosophy to sing philosophy. And how they look at the body. They're both interested in health, Happiness, wellness, so It's a very easy way to consider them as sister. Science is a nice to know that there is that deep connection When we come back, we're going to talk about something that involves a daily routine as it relates tire Betas will stay with us. Charlie Stories trending right now. Easy. Radio. 10 30 Kobe 19 outbreak in Brigham and Women's Hospital. Nine patients 19 employees testing positive in the hospital. Now, in the process of testing all patients..

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