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To capture the bear have been unsuccessful there have been no outward signs of aggression but there is also no appropriate fear of humans and the bear is extremely food conditioned tyler martin six seventy kboi and i'm rick worthington six seventy kboi final jayco traffic and we've got one problem it's an emma crash at substation road at highway 16 headon collision injury accident so expect d delays there i elsewhere that were not look bad at all even downtown boise all the way all the connector other westbound 94 to canyon county boulevard studio some chelsea collins at right now traffic computer models were hinting that we could see a change in the pattern around the first of next week and maybe see a little afternoon shower or thunderstorm activity coming back into the area before right now the key feature is at the weekend is going to be dry lots of sunshine tomorrow with a high of ninety five and on sunday sunny and ninety eight i'm aaron tippin during my career in the music business i met all kinds of people made lots of really good friends i know it can be hard to say no to your friends but when it comes to drugs there's no other way even prescription or over the counter drug abuse can prevent you from achieving your goals so do yourself a favor when it comes to choosing whether or no not to succumb to peer pressure say yes to a drug free life this message brought to you by the united states here i'm paul george of the indiana pacers when i was six i had one thing on my mind when i was six my days were spent playing basketball every chance i could when i.

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