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I was so taken by how moved Ellen was. Chatting with Lisa German again. And how Ellen kept referring to Lisa as part of the family a little bit too, which which we have all believed and Ellen hasn't seen her in a number of years, and they just sort of fell back into this lovely little friendship that they've that. They've had all these years. One of the things that's amazing to watch producing the show is to watch the way Ellen is inspired by regular people who overcome adversity. Yeah. Versus really really moves Ellen. And that's really meaningful to us. Yeah. I think that's what's meaningful to our view. I mean, I don't know. See what drives through to do the show now. But yeah. Yeah. Fuel as loves to be funny. She loves to be entertaining. She also loves to be inspired and introduce all of us to people that inspire her and she really found Lisa's tackling her health issues inspiring. You know, as executive producers, we all know, everything that's going to happen in the show, we planet. We talk about it, except when it involves scaring one of us or something that's going to humiliate one of us, usually me. My question is do you guys ever have meetings and think because we're talking about inspiring people, maybe Ellen should give a Hindi. A shutter flight check. Not just asking I'm not saying it should happen. But does the idea at least come up? I'm going to be honest with you Andy never once had a conversation where we said Andy should give out that I showed her flagger. What about Andy should be able to sit in the audience for twelve days show? Also, no, no. We thought about surprising you with lap band surgery. This This is what? is what? The appointment on your own. So then we were able to. We were going to give you a seat in the audience for a twelve day show. And then we remembered you would not stay in the seat. You would leave to go backstage innovate and then stagger in front of a camera in the middle of. You should just give it to an audience coming up with lots of ways for you guys to come to the show. So keep your ears on our Twitter and Instagram and on the show for twelve surprises. Some lucky podcast listener is going to win all of the twelve days of giveaways. So you have a one in one hundred chance. What if it could be? Of course, you wins on this is huge news. One of our listeners will not win just one day. They will win every single thing. We gave out on all of the twelve days. And it's from listening to this podcast. And we'll tell you details in upcoming episodes. That's right. So please subscribe today on apple podcasts or have. You're listening to us right now. That's the only way to be eligible for these twelve days giveaways. You got to be in it to win it. That's what they say. Don't forget to watch Ellen weekdays or even more Ellen fund. Thanks, everybody. Thank you everyone. Grow. Could be free. But.

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