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Has the it factor on the field who what does all the little things that just you can't measure in measurable I mean listen I think we got we finally are thrown away the the the concept that you have to be this big robo quarterback you know yet you have to be six four six five yet the online through breezes on the great quarterback medical history the dude is not even sixty thought truck we have the locker room account a thousand times not even that got that kind of ability super smart on the field I don't care what it's Wonderlic is who cares the guy on the field knows how to read a defense the guys that the mood he got the the widely that the Ken Stabler after that mainly because the lefty but he's like that the guys mark and the guy can take off and run what does he think hopefully with these entries you might flag up on that but there's zero chance and I mean zero to a hundred that I would ever take Justin Herbert regardless of the history of entries over to it you have to take a chance in life sometimes and this is your chance Miami Dolphins don't play it safe you have a chance to get to a bungalow on your roster you have to put him on there Justin Herbert ceiling is through blood so very good but never great the guy will be very good at that okay this is it like you saying Hey there's a there's a Paul Pierce lebron James yeah the novel well the guy but lebron James you have a chance to get a lebron James and who you take them every single time Scott are you preaching now I love hearing that we got style exam the primetime sports down in New Orleans okay study best receiver in this class we know there are a ton Judy there's some current concerns now about the medicals that coming out late raw eggs stored on it C. lamb out old Oklahoma unbelievable you got your boy Justin Jefferson Pitman I don't all these wide receivers which one you like most about your job the number might this help to all a good day that right now but when you combine the all factor it Gerry Judy my I'd be the most found it did I mean as far as displaying your talents and that's the only god even consider I love drugs I love the story I love everything about him Russia is not got near the physicality of the Jeff Jeff that you thought about god or god I can just knock you out and if you just want the public to watch the Oklahoma game and then you watch that game you tell me there's another theory the country better than him we had four touchdown catch in the first half are you then we'll talk you know a lot of the lamp when mom will receive a nominal but they'll think played head to head and I know one quarterback is better than the other all right so it was no contest that game the better receiver was they're all good at the DP class when you got guys all over the country I think are going to be possible impact players don't forget Michael Thomas with the six receiver drafted in the second round by the New Orleans Saints immediately if the bus is clear from that class we can go over four years ago so the fact here is anything pop up if you ask me right now it's it's not a Gimme it's not like you know two over Herbert but I think just the deficit has got all the boxes checked completely you know and and look and look at the unique rugs lamps and there's a bunch while I get that they're all going to be good but if you ask me what I want to thank I'm thinking how may because I saw him with the others and I know this guy can go study aside from the as you guys inside from the quarterbacks you have a favorite player in this draft we'll take young man I mean the guy they do such a high pick with Jake young is a beast the the difference makers the guy that can come in and and start on the line from day one that is rare when you get a guy that if he sees it they got all the fundamentals that he's got the measurable he's got the it factor and you've got the hunger he's got every box checked on his category this position and I'm a tell you what if a guy named world with that with what is it going to a team that absolutely need a quarterback well I would probably pick Jake young number one you know saying that so good this guy is and I think he's going to be super productive along with the Washington Redskins don't get as well hi it's Daddy before we get out here and I'd bring back the feelings in the style just because we're all sitting there over the weekend watching the last dance the Chicago Bulls thirty for thirty which was just beautifully done every which way I can't wait to watch again here on Sunday I know back in the day you had some run ins with those late ninety Chicago Bulls so is there any you would like to share with the audience right now from you years of being around Michael Jordan and I don't believe will team up there of my life ninety six ninety seven and ninety eight playoff they got to be with Craig Sager literally for every single both playoff game and it was ninety six was particularly special you know I had been in TV for about five years that point but nothing at this level where I'm you know I've been in the closet maybe truck for like the World Series when the you know the bravery ninety five ninety six but this run with the with the bulls just being able to be on the court would say your book the entire game too they don't know they feel now but the system right by the end of the bold bets and we would just sit there robin would always come at you know when he came out of the game you never sat by the coaches became the very event and he's rapping about the entire time just being around that team and just being able to see Jordan from the co or you know like right there on the court for those games when they were just so dominant something I'll never forget and I knew at that time when I'm only a thirty year old guy that I would never do anything better mine factory or concern up on the fifty four year old guy and I've never done anything better my entire career how could you not be in a part of that day you really can't unless you want to draw my Yankees in that I mean that's it I mean for me selfishly Scotty I throw them in that one in four or five been there every step along the way but Jordan and what he meant to the sport and what kind of I. county is and in that second three peat let's be honest got if he doesn't go on as your and a half I it is playing baseball knows they might want to know the title a tale of love I mean I don't think there's any doubt that one and then ninety four ninety five I mean there's no doubt I mean that was that was a train rolling along and if not for Jerry Krause Jerry Reinsdorf that train could go on for the entire decade ninety one two thousand what's the really as far as market number ninety nine okay that would happen and then in two thousand they could have done the ThinkCentre wrote listen I love lebron as much as anybody do stay at my house white when he was in high school we came on my show outlook they those stories but the fact is I love lebron I would on on air saying one time when he was a junior high school that he could be the best player in NBA history and I got a bunch of hate mail from North Carolina and Chicago because of the fact that these two guys are unparalleled in NBA history what Kobe Bryant's right there as well you got the mothers put lebron doesn't have that killer instinct that Michael Jordan as the young folks hopefully that don't didn't get to witness the Jordan era like the old people like myself maybe you get to be a little glimpse of the noun I'm all I'm sure we've only scratched the surface of what you're gonna see in the great Michael Jordan this ten part series us got a lot of memories and a lot of torture and pain if you like being a bowl of the New York Mets fan Seles in appreciate the perspective is always glad you're doing well down in New Orleans all the best man stay safe enough we'll catch up again soon all right remember world to figure out while like that spirit that's the spirit you got study Alexander study take care I'm a friend you people they have a good stuff there we got a lot more draft reaction to get to plonk is back what is that rank now moving forward is one of the crazier comebacks you see in in sports for me I've seen crazier it's up there but we've seen twenty others.

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