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Connie Willis here and there's Elton right he wanna you wanna Oscar tonight for Best Original Song he he I think that was the second one I think it was his second one total might be run I think it was the second one but the regal them playing his music along time any of us radio we've been playing music a long time and you've been listening to it too now here because because see and we have fantastic web team our designers are guys out there are really wonderful so I want you to remember to go over to coast to coast AM dot com and see the wonderful things that we have not only have we featured Katie tonight you can go and see some of her stuff and see her see what she's doing what we're talking about also with Martin Byerly that with the RMS Republic you can go in there and see some of the pictures to that he's presented for us and you can also check out these other things ten but all as a blast and they're all and have a good time and they're great bishop and elects loan hood and and Shamus or when you hear those names those are the guys that are putting this together there's some unbelievable pictures in there some are you know normal type things but maybe you've never seen him like a ghost fish check it out there's a picture there wonderful the whole article there's also he had a picture there looks like a bird is just stopped in the air that one really crazy I don't what that is check that out let me let me know just think that the one really that I was just checking out a minute ago and we always have new stuff up there there's one that says watch for you to watch it's an article and this is alien bug astounds driver check that out in a little ball it look at their little bitty tiny thing I mean they should design aircraft around that tiny little bug take a look at that what you think but we have a fantastic website so take a look at it and learn everything you need to learn a coast to coast AM dot com.

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