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Back julia. He did not have any at alabama cat. I know i'm. I'm i'm really. I know we're talking about alabama. You gotta remember. When air season was the coach at notre dame the first he he got john hood john hewitt came from nowhere. He wanted to heisman trophy. And i think joe joe name was an alabama. Yeah he was in some way back back then notre dame. This is the same school that what about ten years earlier. Paul horning beat johnny majors. I believe jim brown on two or nine or a one and nine team so notre dame used to dominate the media influence in a way that was unprecedented. Agree with that. But probably wasn't only notre dame it was the big can because one year somewheres in an late sixties georgia beat alabama First game of the year the second game. They went to michigan and played michigan. And be six to three now. they beat alabama. They didn't make the top ten but after they beat michigan they jumped into missouri. That's we'll face was back then. They didn't they didn't they. Didn't mechanize the south no and lewis. It cost alabama national championships. And for those who don't understand why history will will bear out when i'm about to say there was an extreme bias against the south especially alabama because of the racial history. Pretty dark history. I might add of that state. And there were riders who who would not embrace it because they did not have black players at the time so there punitive action taken and they pay a price for their lackadaisical if not Heinous attitude toward toward integrating college football and everything else for that matter. All i'm eighty two years old. And i still scratch my head. How billy cannon get that is on trophy. I think he deserved. When did he get it. Compete who who. Who else came out year. Sorry who else was in contention that year. I think rutgers had a player. Yeah okay. Yeah i mostly. That's one heisman. The fifty eight. I did not cover that one fifty nine. Hey thank you for the call. Great to have you on. What a pleasure to hear from you and let's talk to rhonda who is in kentucky. Hey ronda you're on the air. Paul how are you. We're well thank you for the call as always great. Hey of spoken. Many times about being raised in curry alabama. I grew up going to alabama games watching the bayer. I think we were the first people in the senate stadium every time because my dad wanted to watch all the warm up. The bear leaning on the goal post so wanted to tell my story where was with a heard the news and have found out about the bear. I was finishing my school in western kentucky university of the junior. I walked into the wing of my dorm. There were six rooms in each wings and all of us girls were closed and we gathered almost every evening joing kim's room person on the right. I had a really long day that day. It was a wednesday Soon as i walked in freshman alicia from winterbrook kentucky said hey did you hear the bear died. They just all they all knew what a band i was and i just stood there. I think i built the world turning. You could have heard a pin drop. Turn to a room called. My parents collect you talked about using a payphone earlier. Right so call. My parents My mom answered. She was choked up and just handed the phone up to my daddy when we talked Of course you couldn't talk too long because you would be running the phone bill on great long distance quite exactly so so sad i. I didn't leave my room until that friday Had a big project dude. I went to turn that in. And i'll never forget my professor to scranton me. You know me now you know. I'm a big fan though. Yeah i look forward to the game tonight. Hope we do as well as we did. The last time we played kentucky couple of weeks ago. And i want to encourage all the obama fans out there to. Let's get behind this basketball team coach. Nate oats you know having a national championship in football and basketball would be a fantastic year. It has happened before it happened at the university of florida. Yes yes all right paul. Thank you for letting me talk. And look forward to seeing you here in louisville hopefully really. I can't wait to get anywhere. Thank you louisville's a great town. Thanks ron yeah we. We really haven't talked about a little bit but it is a you know. I read something today about people reflecting back on kobe bryant a year ago and that was another one of those shocking moments in sports history but for alabamians of of of a certain age. Thirty eight years ago today easily one of the saddest days in history It's heard from a lot of friends who were commemorating and memoir and remembering it as well. We will take a break. We still have thirty minutes to go on this tuesday night. We hope you'll stick around to and listening. Paul finebaum show podcast back. It's great to have you. Final twenty five minutes on this tuesday night and rob starts us off from new jersey..

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