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And a visitation on Tuesday newsradio nine fifty John Hewitt with the latest well there were several notable visitors like former Chrysler president Bob Lutz and former Michigan governor Jim Blanchard who stop by here at lunch and sons funeral home in Clawson many others never knew Lee Iacocca at all but felt they also had to come by among the Raymond tries to Rochester hills a forty seven year Chrysler employee at Warren in sterling stamping just the show that I appreciated what he did Robert Schneider of Warren who worked at the old Chrysler plant became emotional when talking about I a coca man he said felt like family he saved our pensions and our jobs god bless some a fearless schedule for eleven o'clock Wednesday morning at St Hugo of the hills Catholic Church Michael who will be buried at white chapel cemetery in Troy John Hewitt W. W. J. newsradio nine fifty Detroit police say that a twenty five year old person is in custody after three people including a child were shot on the city's west side this investigation is getting a little weird here mackenzie street you're living or enjoy but he tried fire department arrived they took a ladder and are checking for evidence on the roof of where three people were shot a thirty nine year old male a twenty nine year old female and an eight year old boy all shot in the head they are in critical condition also a three year old girl hit in the face with a heavy object possibly a gun that child is suffering non life threatening injuries address website Charlie lying to W. James radio nine fifty four suspects now in custody following a robbery Tuesday night at the birch wood mall in for crash.

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