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Company is sending help to that building. BBC's Karen Regal has more chumps for Teledyne flare, sending two unmanned ground system robots to assist in the search and rescue in Miami. The previous generation of the same robot assisted at ground zero in New York General manager Tom Frost tells me 20 years ago, they weighed £50. Now they're the size of a brick, have a 360 degree camera and can squeeze into unstable piles of rubble. It's much smaller. It's a £5 robot about the size of a brick. Um, so this can get into smaller spaces just by virtue of its size, Frost says. It's good to know these robots could help. I'm an engineer by training, and the thing that gives you the most satisfaction is that Stuff that you're working on. Um, has an impact. Karen Regal WBZ. Boston's news radio Bruins star David Pasternak, announcing this morning his infant son died at Vigo. Raul Pasternak died June 23rd less than a week old, An Instagram post. The Bruins player says quote We have an angel watching over us, and we call him son. You will be loved forever. President Joe Biden's working to keep Senate Republicans from breaking away from the $1.2 trillion infrastructure agreement they reached last week with Democrats and now Senator Mitch McConnell is speaking out. The Republican leader in the Senate now says it's on congressional Democrats to follow the president's lead and back away from their insistence that the bipartisan infrastructure agreement move in tandem with larger spending measure. The Democrats are now crafting. The president said on Saturday that GOP senators were understandably upset with him for saying he wouldn't sign the infrastructure bill unless Congress also sent him a package of social programs and tax increases passed under reconciliation rules that CBS is Stephen Portnoy 33. It's time to get a check on traffic and weather together. The Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. We are picking up the pace a little bit here, Michael Yeah, we really are. Banya. The afternoon Russia is underway here. Let's start with 1 28 north. The upper end is stop and go route to basically right up to Route three in Burlington. Then shortly after Route 38 up past 93 southbound 1 28 crawling route 62. Down to a lane closure now down past Endicott Street, and you've got more delays coming through that Linfield Wakefield area 2 93 90 unusual slowdown Here from the upper deck Up to Medford. More brake lights route 62 up past 1 25 Route one north all brake lights coming up past route 60 and Lynn Street and Revere southbound one. All brake lights coming down towards 1 28 in Peabody. Now the Mass Turnpike westbound Pretty good. A little stop and go out towards 1 28 again. Past the Westboro service Plaza. After that, you're moving along pretty well. Now downtown. The Ted Williams Tunnel westbound is jammed up inside the lower deck isn't bad at the backup starts on the second bridge, and it stays like that through the tunnel. Uh, story drivers backed up a little in and out of Leverett Circle. The Tobin Bridge seems to be fine. The expressway South far from it. It is just crawling out of the tunnel. Most of the way to the gas tank slow again down past granted on northbound Furnace Brook Park way of passing upon its circle, then up towards the tunnel. That's at least 20 minutes, Braintree into Boston and then Route three South, all brake lights coming off the expressway route 18 to Derby Street, northbound lanes coming up to Norwell and Rockland as well. Miking deputy.

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