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A touchdown pass from Stelo earlier meanwhile cow. North Carolina the only win total I played over on my, own I got some others, from Brad and some other people but was Cal and I really liked Cal was. Five and. A half initially went. Up to six and I don't know if it's it's. Stayed there steady Brad is that's where, is as, close to six and a half did it, really okay so that's the one but I can't at this as a win even without Suspensions North Carolina had another suspended thirteen guys. Fedora did, but Surat really the, quarterback is the main guy. There's a lotta guys that you know didn't, play much better in, that group Cal is favourite at home the second of a home in home Cal. Took, him, out last, year here at the golden nugget it is only seven. And I say that because there were seven and a, half and look. There's even an eight and a half out there here in town sixty the total I think there's still value on Cal at seven. I know there's no pressure on North Carolina to win this game but there is pressure. On. For door to do, well I think we'll talk says it going, on Brad Yeah I'm gonna lean with California here I just, think obviously they proved their worth Justin Wilcox in this game last year when they. Traveled all the way across the country nine AM. Pacific start time and one hour is a double digit underdog I, think they're the more improved of the two teams they're. Playing at home even the bears mice appoints Joe North Carolina here I think the upset over towel I I liked. Them with the point something doesn't sound right to me, here for doors on, the hot seats love layer the running back and Bowers and defensively. They got much better but North Carolina needs to win this game I think. They'll, be in the group going, cross country I like the tolerance not only with the points for to strike, the upset.

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