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You get aso. They show ass and people like they get the lakes and they get the followers right just because something is enticing and attracts eyeballs onto a car. Crash also attracts eyeballs. Well what's interesting is i. it's funny. Bring this up. Because i was when we were doing a bunch of research for the dock we were looking for. We were looking for influence her account so we could emulate them and copy them. And if you go look at any of these bikini-clad accounts whether it's men or women. There will be one photo of a sunset or a cappuccino or chair on the beach or something where they where they took the picture because it was there they felt artistic at the time and they wanted to express his pitcher and the bikini photos get a million likes and that chair pitcher or the that sunset gets like a hundred. And it's like and you can tell the trying and the not going to delete it and it's and it's but i also think like part of part of me thinks like well you should do more of that and say screw you to the people running a like the naked pictures of you and like force them to look at some of the things that you want to document that you see is artistic. Yeah yeah it's unfortunate that a lot of people influence or specifically the what drives their photos. It's the lakes so they are catering to their audience rather than catering to themselves completely. Here's what have you seen. What were some of the most obnoxious things. You've seen people do on instagram or social media to attract attention or fame. What makes you cringe man. I hate when people go in public places and do things for the graham. I really i don't at all like Okay so i have an example. I was recently in new york city. And i went over there to see Caused shows called what parties in brooklyn. Our museum Anyway i've been a big fan of him for a long time a lot of my life as an artist so anyway to see this big presentations crazy because he has all these like statues and they have like all these emotions and a lot of them are like the some of them look like they're crying and some of them are like sitting down and like these certain poses and this is like the this is like the the what everybody knows him for these like they're called companions and there's people in this museum and they're like clearing space in the museum so that they can sit down and like emulate this fucking sculpture and in take a picture of it so that they can put it on the graham. But when i'm looking at you do it. I'm like bro. You you look so terrible right now and artwork where the there was someone who removed photoshop photos out of people's hands and scenarios like that. So if you have the couple lying in bed next to each other but like they then you take the phone out. You just like you're staring at your you're crazy. Person are hand right same thing. If you were to remove the phones from that scenario those people would look and see if i found it from my point of view. Oh my god you look at so lame like he would be like bro. You really went over there. You bought a ticket to do this. What's wrong with you. When i'm just anna place. And i see that people are like taking the most like basic photo op. I guess like like that pink wall. I didn't understand that before. Nick took me over there but then i realized places like that are all over. La those those things with the wings on the wall people trying to do that. I'm like dude stop. Stop take appears it's become so cliche. Well it's interesting. It's interesting as the pink wall. Yeah tell me about the because it's right down the street from here. And and ev. What pink wall. Why every time. I go by their seventeen people. Taking photos in front of seventeen is a low number. Lots of slow day. It's so there's a the pulse myth store in l. a. Is is a big pink rectangle of a building that they painted bright pink and they did it not not not for social media but they did it because they thought it would look cool and it's kind of like you know paul smith thing to do and it has become a one point. The number one tourist destination in los angeles. How flat pink wall. And what's really interesting is if you notice when you drive around la now. There are dozens of pink stores at as a sneaker store on melrose painted themselves pink. Oh there's a target Place next to the target down on. Beverly that painting itself painters doughnut store over on highland like all these stores have now painted themselves pink with the hope that people come to take a picture and then by a donut. Or something like that. And it's It's crazy it's just. It's i mean when we we went to film there for the opening of the film. Just like fun sequence where we shot and on a slow motion camera people sell fees and jumping and so on and so forth and And we would like we had to get releases from everyone for and people would be. I mean there were there. Was these women that had come from england for an instagram vacation where they get driven around all these different places to take selfies there were there was a guy that instagram vacation. It's two thousand dollars or something like that. They put you up in a a condo and glendale. Because you don't know the difference and they drive you around for a week to like the peer and the pink wall and the wings. Chris mentioned and like you take a bunch of pictures and that's it and there was a guy we can't that came young kid. Fourteen years old who had driven from like four hours away just to come in with his parents to come take a picture like crazy. Yeah totally crazy is. We've another question here from justin in college station texas. How do you involve minimalism. And mindfulness work. This is something that i am trying to deal with. And i'm just curious how you incorporate those things while you're at work so justin is a social media manager and really i mean this is something that's difficult because as part of your work for both of you you are required not required but you feel as though you're required to be on social media to some extent and so it's always about finding that balance of misery and contentment ray putting it so so how chris how was that manifested in your life. Where you you you feel as though you're compelled to post something as part of your business but also it's might be driving you crazy at the same time. Yeah so recently. This started to become a thing for me Basically what you guys are talking about and my friend who she be like She like she'd be the hanging out with these instagram influence or checks.

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