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Pulitzer prizes. Bob break. It's only appropriate that tonight's first recipient of the Stockton break. Award will also be a hall of Famer coming up this summer to tell us more about tonight's remarks Saxton markers from the athletic. Mark saxon. Good evening. Normally, I would say this man needs no introduction. But I have to remember that not everyone is as old as I am. So some people maybe didn't get a chance to see Lee Smith patch. But kind of ironic that the baseball writers who put on this dinner. We're not the ones who actually godly Smith into the hall of fame. There's a good checks in a check and balance that the hall of fame put in where there's a veterans committee of former players executives managers, and coaches, and they looked at least miss credentials amazing that he's a hall of Famer. And it's hard to argue with that it really is. I think sometimes it's writers we overlook we over think the award. Four hundred seventy eight lifetime saves one hundred sixty of them with the Saint Louis cardinals. So Jordan Hicks. You have a little bit of work to do not not not to intimidate you in any way. But. And also the reason I was excited to be able to present Lee Smith is when I got into covering baseball in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight he had an aura about him, all the other riders. I knew covered am just had Lee Smith stories. He was so funny. Right. He's from a small town in Louisiana. I can't tell all the stories here because not all of them are family friendly. But. I talked to my friend Jerry Crasnick this week, and he said when spring you went up to lease Smith, and he said, you know, how was your winner? What would you do to keep your arm and shape, and he said this was before the days of personalized trainers. Right. And all that stuff. So he said every once in a while is stray dog wandered into my yard. And I picked up a rock, and I threw it at it. Chase. Is that true? Anybody's in Petah. Don't get all excited. It was just a joke. But. When I covered teams in Arizona. We would play almost nightly pick up basketball games, and sometimes players coaches managers executives. Join the games because they started hearing about them. Well, these Smith joined us along with Bobby Evans who'd been the farm director of the giants later the general manager of the giants, and it was so fun because he kind of kept up this running monologue throughout the game. So if you pass that you probably should've shot it was like having Bob Costas out there on the court. And it was like he was calling the game, right? Any even did it for himself when he took a jump shot. He would say to himself get up, smitty. And so I think to honor our next guest, and I'd like to say get up. Smitty, welcome to the hall of fan. a hybrid. Remembering why we call you big lead. Big man, congratulations..

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