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Do dude I'm here to tell you that is not in as I told my son after up and I'm never gonna accepted ten minutes of a chance to jump starting your going products here's a real man's man John Hill well I had a couple of girlfriends identified me as a dog we are going to just say it it's not going to now some could laugh and accident scene blocks a left late of seventy one north and Weber owed on already here effective get two trucks helping to block a left lane I suspect one of these cars may be unable to move so if you're moving north out of downtown stay to the right as you pass the fairgrounds the backup begins about seventeenth Avenue south bound to be slowing down to take a look what's going on otherwise unaffected at an accident scene Livingston east of no big speech earlier that still being cleared seventy west of Bryce getting all lanes re open but we're still gonna run more than forty minutes from three ten in the two seventy so coming in from the Far East Side yourself time to come across any the traffic problems when you can do so safely call the three C. body shop traffic tip line six one four eight two one eleven eleven down with the pink button collision repair app one of the quick note thanks to the closing down the intersection of state routes three thirteen and tool for your foreign village just outside of Fairfield County I do too a good sized accidents several EMS vehicle that's just off the Muskingum and Fairfield line traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense from temp starts starters heating and cooling I'm John Hill newsradio six ten WTVN right that weather today you're gonna get some sunshine but only a high of thirty tonight clear law of twenty Friday mostly sunny high thirty six Saturday mostly sunny and high of forty three currently it is nine.

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