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If I had to put one label on it, but it's very stuck in the nineties, and the finishes are outdated, so it has room to improve, but also it's already so perfect. It's the best of both. So. Can you share your list of must have? Are you ready for this list? Oh, my Gosh y'all. Here's the things that made this house so appealing to us, so I feel pet friendly is such a big one is so hard for us to find a house. That's perfectly pet friendly for dogs. Because we have an elderly Pug, who can't walk up more walk down more than three stairs, so if there's like ten stairs that go to the backyard, which there often is, they can't go to the back yard by themselves without help, so that was a big thing. Even though it's very specific to our little old lady dog, it just like a thing that could really be exceptionally. Convenient for our family. So really really wanted a special kitchen. My husband's super into cooking. I'm pretty into like speaking. You love sugar cookies, and all that and we really wanted to do kind of an outdoor and indoor outdoor kitchen, and just the kitchen where we felt like we both could have our own stuff because the stuff that I collect for my cooking hobbies in the stuff that he collects urge streaming different so anyway. Kitchen stuff workspace I won't even like bore you with that, but we're both introverts who work from home. We need very separate spaces. Spaces and we need dino certain things in them. There's like a hundred kid-friendly concerns that I could be boring Saul to skip over that, but that you know super super important that it's kid friendly in basically every possible way, a flat driveway for their little scooters. Does your Moldova Scooter now? It's so cute and this one's kind of random, but I learned after this home that I don't think a totally open kitchen is for me. A lot of beautiful homes have like a super open kitchen where it's right part of your living room. And that was not my fear. I think I'd rather have a little bit more of a set apart. That kitchen I don't know I. I can't even explain. Going back to think the trend is going down a little bit. People want more. Intimate rooms than just everything wide open. Yeah, it's just a lot going on at once is probably how I would describe it so I. Cared that might one of my favorite things about our current homeless. The trees so cared a lot about having mature trees, but also didn't want a huge yard like I. Definitely didn't want like several acres. That needs to be mowed. Because I feel like we wouldn't appreciate it for how much that the mowing bills would be so kind of like a small yard with like a ton of big trees, which was special, and then smother weirdly specific concerns for us for having a really good workspace for Colin in her garage. 'cause you know just practical. He's always always always working in the garage almost every day. Some place for people to Park we have a party. A spot for Jeremy's piano, which is a big part of it's like Sorta like the center of our living space or it wasn't. Our old house really loved that. A real powder room. Special and this one is so strong so silly, but it's real a place to hide boxes because you know when you're like redoing a bathroom or doing a big project, you just get a lot of supplies and stuff in the mail. Just a place to put it all while you're waiting was one of my stores basically? Yes, storage, yeah kind of by the front door okay yeah, yeah. Why I knew you buy that? House, the second you walked in. Okay another question was in the previous episode I shared that team came with us when we looked at the house, which was so cool because he doesn't always come like he hardly I mean would the one before that one. The we were trying. You were trying to make it work. Jeremy loved the setting like the neighborhood and everything and we. You're trying to give me the help. You convince him not could be made into something. Yeah, he felt that the inside was kind of sad was the only word and it was Kinda dark. But it had all the right checked all the boxes, but it made Jeremy feel sadness heart, so we ended end up getting that one anyway, so we walked into the house. And what was it about it that made you know? I, when Your Hands Clutch together in front of you, you say Emad like over and over. It means you love it, so that's one thing and mainly as you like fat palm, Springs, Look! And when you walk in and has a feel as tile floors, and it's got a lot of windows very open, but not super high open Kinda. Not Low ceilings, but you know some some open space out really high ceilings. I don't think he liked that. You like normal ceilings, but really really open and just out it just as perfect. Yup, I can't even describe it by. We just kind of new Yup I was talking to you about how the price down or two minutes in you're gonNA. I knew you were going to house. Yes, it just. It just was meant to be so the next question is do. This is the saddest questions I don't answer. Does the new home. Already have a studio for Jeremy or do you have to build one again? You probably have to build one, but we have see. Yeah, we have to build one again, but on a positive note. We're getting really good at it. A lot of practice. Yeah it? It's kind of just like a big. It was like a bonus room. What we'RE GONNA? Use The previous owners have like. Workout equipment in there and stuff, and then it has kind of like a little attic attached to it, so it's kind of two rooms. It's going to be converted into rooms. It's GonNa be a good studio for him. Honestly, he's being a selfless husband. Because the best number one best thing relieving about this House I. Think is definitely the studio 'cause brand new, and it's totally custom for him. Though the studios while you're able to sell the house so quickly that truth. That was another question that I don't know if I wrote on here, but a lot of people wanted to know. If I, if a music studios a selling feature in Nashville and it actually kind of is. No until we were signing our last home, and then it was almost all musicians who made offers were like Oh. This is the thing and then this time it was lots of musicians, too much of the people who bought it aren't music or not, but I mean to be fair a music studio. It's basically just three small rooms. A home legs. Yeah, it could be an office. It could be a workout room. It could be kind of any kind of hobby room so. She'll though it is definitely a selling point in Nashville. I think this is a special part of the country. Yeah, so the next questions about money. Okay. A someone who's moved lot all I can think about is the money. How can you afford to buy a new home and move within a few short months so I'm totally fine sharing this. Basically, we had A. Pretty. Big Savings Account set aside to build an addition. That's a big expensive project and we were getting ready to do that and we decided to instead use that money towards down payment for a new home. And we did a contingency offer just to make sure that we didn't end up having to big mortgages because we also have to airbnb bees as you all know, that aren't really renting out right now. Hardly at all because of Covid, so we didn't want to overcommit and that's how we made that work kitchen. She offer using.

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