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It's like. Like that book that Book Sell I. Think it was called by Stephen. King we're all of a sudden. Phone this pulse went off. The game zombies. And some people who are. What's that I'm for that? That'd be cool. But there was some people who were and some people who were normal and it was all because they were on their cell phones were thing went off. Have you watched social dilemma yet candidacy if you watched that thing I have it's very interesting. Highly recommend it. Yeah. That's a PR- if you watched it. It's it's on that flicks I know a lot of you ban net flicks and I don't blame you for doing that. Yeah. I can't ban net flicks because there are certain documentaries that I have to watch and they're only on Netflix. So, what show it's called the Social Dilemma Oh. Yeah. That's on our list. We're GONNA watch it with our kids yet checking out it's pretty interesting. They make it in some places a little more dramatic than it needs to be an all you do is just have somebody talking serious and you throw some ominous music behind it. We should do that here. No. We should do mark. We need ominous music here. Now I'll tell you what I really WanNa do, and maybe those of you listening may be those of you watching can help me do this because I ran across a instagram page Monday night. Of A guy who had created he creates action figures. And sells them. He had the fly that was on Mike Pence's head. Yes and he's got it in the package and it's like non-potable action figures I saw that too Larry. Great. He's got some really cool stuff on his instagram page. He sent me a message yesterday morning saying Thanks for sharing my stuff. I, lean a little left you a little right like I think we both know we'd both lean a little bit more than left and right He said, but you know it's it's cool that you promote must've went kinda get along and Blah Blah. Blah. And I'm like look I don't I don't give a rip where you lean I just think you stuff's cool and funny. But I want action figures I want Chad prager show action. I gotta find somebody who can make some action figures. I WANNA party foul I wanna Hot News I. WANNA CANDY I won't mark with his little headphones. You pull the string and it says nothing. Needs one to that would be cool if it just says pretty good. Pretty good pretty good of missed. You Mark Welcome back but you've been you've been running the show everywhere else. We love chance. But I'm glad you're back had. I mean to Brag but I do have a Barbie. That stop talking okay we're. Going to get, action figures. You know I eat meat I know you guys can look at me and know that I'm not one of those vegetarian types You probably guessed I'm pretty serious carnivore. Being from Texas especially, I know about steak had some great steaks last night. Let me tell you about him my local grocery store. They know me they got the meat cutter over there. Mark Pagel we got we got our guys to Why is that? Funny? It's just it's very Chad is very Chad we. May Cut it US know and we love our meat, we keep our humor. But I don't like inferior meat I'm very picky when it comes to that. So I'm happy to talk about our new sponsor new partners Omaha steaks right now, you can get a gourmet of bestsellers with an exclusive offer just for my audience. If you go to Omaha steaks DOT COM and enter Code Chad pray and..

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