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May have a play at the plate here comes down and here's a troll. It is Wait. What a tank! My Carter. A tremendous play by Carter. Oh, baby. What a plane! And what a throw My dead. Parker continues to show Why some people considered the greatest player in the game. We now continue with Murph and Mac on KNBR one. Oh, 45 and 6 80 the sports coming? Hell, yeah. Spider Great poll, Paul And I just watched that on the other side of the glass. We didn't know you were digging it up over there. And, yeah, it's as good as we remember is in the kingdom. By the way in the Astro turf of the King shout out to the Seattle Kingdome shout out to Jim Zorn as well. Also shut out. Murphy Murphy Maxwell being sponsored by Redwood Credit Union. In just five minutes, You can open a free checking account of Redwood Credit Union and get a debit card that earns earns cash back. Learn more at Redwood, See you dot org slash three checking. It's funny. Paulie asked me, he said. What's yours? He goes. If Parker is my all Star memory, What's yours? And I sat there and said, Okay, Brain What's the first one that comes up? And I have a really odd 1 1981 that the strike summer which sucked it was brutal. I was 13. All I wanted was baseball really did suck. I remember That, too, is awful. They came back, though. In August, they finally reached a resolution and they came back with an All Star game. That's how they resumed play in Cleveland, and I remember being just Pumped beyond belief that vital blue of the Giants got the win in relief. He got the wig. Yeah, that's awesome. That's awesome. Nationally, took the lead on vital blue got the win. How many times how many times Vita was an all start? At least three? I can look at and I'm going to say more than that. I want to say, Well, we know he started the 71 game. Yeah, and he was definitely an all star in 78 to. There's no doubt about that. I think he started the 78 game as well as my right. Yeah, Yeah, it's an 81. Then the other one is a bad one. He was 123456 time, all space. Nice. Um, he doesn't want the bad memories is 83, Atlee Hamburger and Fred Lynn. Tough one tough one here so proud because the 82 Giants had been good, and then they finally got hammered. They got hamburger in there in 83 were like he's pitching in the game. Oh, there goes Freddy Lynn. I'll tell you one for me where my heart was, like all mixed up was when I was back east and I want to say it was maybe 84 the All Star game was at the stick 84 for sure. I'm watching it on TV, and I'm going. How am I? How am I not? You know what I mean? Like that's Canada was like, really. You're gonna pay mound, but all sudden, here comes to light. Yeah, your guy The that was actually the precursor to his dominance like he would think Polly starting to rise. Think he was 19? Yeah. Yeah, he was. He was 19 years old, and he's That's what we're talking about The kid yesterday in the in the Euro Cup, trying to make that less penalty kick and I'm like, Well, there have been other 19 year olds. Yeah, he was 19 years only struck out to explain the strikeout. He struck out like struck out the side jet Lemon, and he's very I gotta look that up and made it look pretty routine. He just mowed those fools down. Remember, they said it was because it was twilight or something, but they're like no Because it was Dwight. Good. Yeah, So do I get at the peak of his game? Yeah, That's a memorable sequence. For me to that is an outstanding 12. Don't remember the rest of that game, though. That's the kind of thing it's like, amazing to think of. How how much access we have. 22 seats and tickets and event you and me, sitting one section from each other in the club level, and Mike Morris homers against the Cardinals to think how far away that 84 All Star game was from my life like there was no way I could get to Candlestick for that game like Oh, my God, the All Star Games. I can't get tickets. I can't get tickets for that. My parents wouldn't even entertain. That's good going and feel that way. Because then you get a sense of appreciation. Look at our kids. We don't know They don't know what's going on. Yeah, yeah, He struck out Lance Paris, Chet Lemon and Seattle Mariner Alvin Davis in the fifth inning as a 19 year old. It's a 19 year old. The other things. Valenzuela struck out Dave Winfield, Reggie Jackson and George Brett in the fourth. Gave the ball to good news struck out Parrish, Lemon and Davis in the fifth. Yeah, that was a big guy came on after that if you got the box score, See, I'm giving who sang the National anthem. Huey Lewis. It's a peak of his powers to I know very good. Very good. I don't have the I don't have the good right there. Good to be anyway. All right. So speaking of all stars, how about all Star pizza? We're giving away a meat cheese. $100 a meat cheese pizza gift card all week. We've been doing this all year. Yeah, We're very generous with the pizza. I don't know what to tell you. 21 has been the year of the images gift card, and all you have to do is listen. It's It's easy. What do I do? I jump through a hoop. No, he's got to listen and know that the meat is East Coast Pizzeria locations are open for outdoor dining, doing well ventilated indoor dining with ample table spacing. Don't ask him about an All Star game. Don't ask Schefter. Remember, we tried to go to the baseball road with him. Oh, he's not having it was baseball. I mean, I literally I don't even know when the last month there was a polyp in his fifties. That's what I watched the baseball like What you mean what sat down and watching him? He was right. I don't know, years. It's been years and he was like, mildly almost insulted..

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