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Charged with witness tampering obstruction and lying to congress the AP. Saga megani has reaction from the White House or stones arrests? The president. Again blasted the investigation as a witch hunt asking who alerted CNN to be there apparently referencing the networks. Footage of the FBI rating stones home. This has nothing to do with the president has nothing to do with the White House as the administration pushed back on ties to the president former federal prosecutor, David Weinstein notes, the Deichmann says a senior Trump campaign official was directed to ask stone about additional damaging information that WikiLeaks may have had about the Clinton campaign oil the campaign official who was named Indian diet might be the link that Muller needs to take him back to the president saga megani. Washington because of staffing issues LaGuardia Airport in New York and Newark liberty airport in new. Jersey are experiencing at least ninety minute delays in takeoffs today. Also delays reported in Philadelphia the world's busiest airport. Hartsfield Jackson, Atlanta international was experiencing long security. Wait times a warning sign about a week before the Super Bowl? They're a man is under arrest charged in connection with a deadly shooting at a suburban Chicago mall. A man was shot and killed earlier this week at the Orleans square mall. Police in Canada, charged a minor with terrorism related offenses as part of a national security investigation. That also involved the FBI police said the minor facilitated and council the person to deliver place discharge or detonate an explosive in public place. The State Department has confirmed American comedian Kevin Barnett has died in the Mexican city of Tijuana. This is AP radio news Harvey Weinstein has a new legal team. The AP's Warren Levinson is in New York. Welcome to the New York state supreme court judge James Burke, told Harvey Weinstein's new lawyers among the platoon of newly hired attorneys. Jose bios who famously won an acquittal in the Casey Anthony case he is innocent. That is what Harvey.

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