Borg Warner, Delphi Technologies, Larry Kaski discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Yesterday's losses investors are hoping that efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak will limit its economic impact there are Jones industrial average is up to hundred twenty to the S. and P. five hundred of thirty three the nasdaq composite is up one hundred twenty one home prices rose at a faster rate in November thanks to lower mortgage rates and a decline in available properties the S. and P. CoreLogic case Shiller twenty city home price index rose two point six percent from a year ago verses October's two point two Borg Warner has agreed to acquire rival auto parts maker Delphi technologies for one and a half the in dollars dealers board Warner's biggest acquisition to date three M. is down nearly six percent the most in nine months the company is cutting fifteen hundred jobs amid slumping markets including car parts and electronics it also said it has received a grand jury subpoena in environmental investigation from Bloomberg world headquarters I'm Larry Kaski for newsradio WFLA WFLA news brought to you by the Holland group retirement wealth advisors it's slowly inches upward hand as it climbs you get more and more excited and soon it reaches the top stops for just a second and then it propels you down faster and faster I mean it's great as an amusement park ride stock markets investments being roller coasters not so fun hi it's Glen back and we have had quite a climb on the stock market when is it going to reach the top and what happens to all of the stuff that you've made and you held on to as its racing to the.

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