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Buns and rolls at your local market ballpark. Bunsen rolls. The official buns and rolls of the Cincinnati Bengals. He was the big twelve player of the year and one of two third round picks with Sam Hubbard he's played mostly special teams. But with the rash of injuries at the linebacker position. He has to be ready to play more than at the beginning of the season. Maliki Jefferson is up next with Dan hoard in this week's facs. No. Fantastic fun facts with. Time for some fun facts with Bengals linebacker Balik. Jefferson from mosquito Texas not too far from Dallas, the so-called rodeo capital of Texas. Tell us a little bit about where you grew up and what you're into as a kid mosquitoes. It's a great town. I love it. It's a very small community we've made up of five different high schools. So we're all kind of relatives when it comes to anything. We do outside of you know, when we leave Muskie, you know, growing up we always used to be around each other a basketball football baseball. We always knew who the guys were in the town. And so it was really cool up. We just hung out each other. Speaking of brothers. You have two older brothers how much older and how tough were they on their kid, brother? I won the thirty one that's twenty five. So they were really tough on me. Barely I brakes with them everything. They did I had to do, especially, workout wise and best. What kinda made me? You know, who I am? And of course, I'd I was very tough on us. Oh, I will get the same treatment they got. But it was is very I I can appreciate my brothers more than anything because they did give me a lot of tools for life skills. And and of course, my physical abilities. Tell me a little more about your dad. What did or does he do for a living Modesto architect? He's white that many many years and. Retiring soon, so congrats his long longevity with that. Because sacrifice. I mean, a lot of things that wouldn't happen in my life wouldn't have happened. So. He's a great, Greg is my life mentor. He tells me everything even though we argue about things I have mounted on the thing is I like how we could be. You know, have our opinions, and of course, Sabam like men, and I appreciate the respect. He gives me for doing facsimile Jefferson. There have been books TV shows and movies done about high school football in Texas. Was it like that at petite high school? Of course, we had all the crowds and every rivalry game people to come see as because not only myself, but I had two other teammates were highly highly recruited out of high school. And so people come to watch us play. And my time in my school. I was probably the first person. I am the first version they go pro athletically and make an active roster. So the EPA stool, so hopefully, we have some guys in the future that, you know, follow them up and become to the to the highest level of football. You won the Butkus award in highschool top high school linebacker in the country. Dick Butkus showed up at your high school to give you the award. Was that a surprise? Yeah. I had a feeling though he began hold water. So. I had a feeling he's going to become in. And it was a cool. It's it's know. Know people didn't know much about him, but super legendary I was hoping to get it in college, but you know, things with their own ways. And you know, you got to learn and grow from that stuff. You're a highly touted recruit did you enjoy the process or was it exhausting? Actually, it was a mix his house where you just want to put your phone down and talk to your family BYU family. They wanna talk to coaches because you knew half of it wasn't real. They just want to be honest with you. They, you know, trying to feed you what you want to hear not what you need to hear. So. It was very tough, especially financially going places with the rules and regulations. I wasn't able to bring both my parents so places that were far that I really considered I really get the opportunity to to get the fool look at them. And visit the university like I wanted to. But I think it was a very fun experience. Overall. I really do it. One of those more distant schools was UCLA and I read on your visit that you met actress Carrie Washington, aka Olivia pope on the TV show scandal when people magazine's most beautiful women in the world. Tell me about that. It was really my mom. We didn't get thought too much because she was with some kids day respectfully, we were like that's perfectly fine. Not I'm not big into going up to, you know, famous people in, you know, going on especially when they're doing something to to bother them because I do that sometimes, but I don't mind it. But the realm is different. They get it everywhere. She goes, but a mom was able to speak to her, and I took a picture of them just talking we got to actually meet her. But it was really cool being around here. Some more exciting for your mom, then you. Yeah. Very excited. She was very polite to my mind was they hand with the kids, and what they want pitcher more people are gonna come. And I was like, okay. Stand that. So it'd be the experience though, so we're doing fun facsimile Jefferson. You went to Texas where one of your mentors was a former longhorns linebacker who's from here. Jordan Hicks who went to Lakota west high school. Tell us a little bit about your relationship with Jordan Jordan was actually the the first president I made going into UT being my sophomore year. I showed it to easy game unofficially and the locker room, and he gave me pay close. And I was like oh, man. Appreciate it. Like, he was found me the keys, and he was on the car with he gave me a dozen forever since then I looked up to him like a big, brother. And I appreciate his mix worship. He's advice. He's giving me especially throughout this process because it's very tough people who who know what you're going through to be able to get through it. So he's a very big mentor my life, and I still consistently thoughts on how did he react when you were drafted by his hometown Zing. Be wedding you big reaction or anything like that. But hopefully now season it can leak, you know, he has the family and the new baby now so congrats to him Maliki left Texas with one year of eligibility remaining. And you put out a thank you video when you announced that decision that included some sign language how much do, you know? I'm pretty fluent in it. I can sign actually have dreams about doing sign language. They say that's a sign that you know, you know, what you're doing. Actually, you kind of know the language so I try as much as I can practice, especially like sometimes when I'm in meetings in Nashville and stuff. I always thinking what what it is. And sign language is a lot of this stuff is the stuff. We are. You know, kids. It's just little things that. You know, you gotta get used to do a day to day lives is different and stuff. But it's a very funny. We should learn the people I've met doing that is incredible. When did you learn it, and why did you choose to learn it? I learned it unco. I'll really starting my sophomore year and just kept practice in take the classes, of course. And. You know, I took in Spanish questions before I wasn't really grasping. It is more of a process. I wanted something that could actually grasp and make an impact influence with. So do American sign language and made some great friends got friends everywhere now, so is really good experience at heavy do some, but it's a radio interview. So it wouldn't work out. Very well, you got invited to the NFL scouting combine. And we've all heard the horror stories about being poked in product, it's cetera. But I read that you enjoyed it did not do it. I read incorrectly. Apparently did. Like, it's not a process for the player because you sit around for four days after you've done, massive amounts of trainings. The weeks before your training every day. You're not used to just interviewing especially China, your mind or just just torturing your mind with the things you're seeing and. The exposure in less sleep again, you don't train for that you chain to get more sleep and be ready to work out the next day. So haven't four days off before you actually work out. What's my biggest issue? A lot of people get hurt from that stuff. I think it should be you fly. I you work out then next day in the you can do all of you processes up like that. So got to be performing a high level without being retired. So I think that is something they should definitely change because that will help the performance of athletes instead of you know, is really make or break situation. Do good he'd be bad or you don't do it. So I think it's definitely something to help out the players if we're going to continue to do that process processes should be something like that. All right. A couple more fun facts for Bengals linebacker, Molly. Jefferson you with the fourteenth pick of the third round this year the so-called Pizza Hut. Pi- pick three point one four. You were supposed to get free pizza for a year. But you went through your stash before the year was up is that what happened? I see. The thing is. I had some friends and family members. You know, people ask for things. Get the free pizza, whatever they always taught me. Can I get a pizza? Okay. He's not a hand. But at the same time, I was a, you know, I'm really not using the pieces all the time because they gotta you help the watch my diet things like that. So I was like, okay, he'll he'll give them to people and do it. But I ran out, but then pizza actually sent me some more. So anytime, I run out fantastic. I can give more pizza cards. But they you know, they they've done a pretty good job with that. All right. I was worried that there's some fine print that we weren't aware of five really deal with that. I really appreciate them. All right last thing from elite Jefferson. Are you familiar with the term diasteam a-? No you and Michael Strahan and David Letterman have that in common. If I'm saying it, right? That is the gap between the front teeth. You've got a magnetic smile lights up the room. But the kids used to kid you about the gap between the front teeth. Yeah. I was thinking about doing actually maybe there's a line in the future. But you know, mom, I get this mile for mom. It's it's a gap. She has us. So I was like that's not fair. You have your close a hassle open. But you know, it's it's a it's a beautiful thing. Everybody says new and I'm not smiling and stuff. Wrong. And so can't. Problem facing show, people happy, I am a you do have a smile that lights up the room. I genuinely mean that. And I appreciate your time very much best of luck the rest of the land. Appreciate it. Thanks, dan. And no one thought so many young players would be forced into action so soon, but the phrase.

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