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To rethink make revisions, but without making big moves on that, taking time to really think about it. So she disagrees with Wendy's PR team, but she does say that strong feelings these next few weeks could cost some emotional eating. Emily Valdez, Casey BS. Before you bake those goodies, check your cabinet. General Mills has recalled four of their gold medal flour varieties as some have the potential to be contaminated with salmonella. The Food and Drug Administration issued the notice on Friday. Its impacting both unbleached and bleached flour with the better if used by date of March 27th and March 28th, 2024. This is a national recall of the two 5 and ten pound bags. A new study shows just how important recognition is when it comes to having happy employees, Chris sedan's reports. The research finds that the best way to retain talented workers is to show them some appreciation. Kim garsten is a senior vice president at Robert half, which conducted the study. Recognition doesn't have to be monetary. It can be anything as small as a thank you note. It can be an email where you're sending a thank you to your assistant and you're see seeing the supervisors or the executive leadership team. It could be a Starbucks card. It could be something very small. Garsten says a comment that's often heard in company exit interviews is that the worker is leaving at least in part because of a lack of recognition, she says showing appreciation can sometimes be more difficult or overlooked for people working from home. Chris Eden's Casey BS, the driverless cars are here in the workplace. This is Richard Moran. The other day I had a driverless car in front of me and behind me on the road. I have to admit all the driverless cars roaming around in the city are a little disconcerting. And there are a lot of them admittedly I'm not an engineer or technically savvy, but I do drive around in the cars are spooky. I was behind a car at a light in my head raced with questions to sign on the car said, driverless vehicle made stop suddenly. Why will it stop suddenly? Can that car seat something I can't? Can they honk? Can they hear a hunk? What if Wi-Fi goes out? Don't they run on Wi-Fi? Do these cars have radios if no one is there to listen? They're driverless cars are here to stay. I may ask chat GPT for the answers to all my questions. In the workplace this is rich Moran. I am looking at the warriors score the warriors up 95 to the king's 81 traffic and weather up next

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