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Two. Tonight. Our guest tonight guess tonight is a rising star in democratic politics. Houlihan Castro is he everybody. Making waves and we'll be talking to him about his new memoir and his plans for twenty twenty. But first, let's catch up on today's headlines. Canada was Americans know it clan be. Country. Many Americans envy for his universal healthcare and handsome, not crazy leader. And as of today, Canada's Prime Minister isn't the only thing that smoking the maple leaf is turning green starting today, Canada. Our neighbor to the north becomes one of two countries in the world to legalize marijuana for recreational use. On this may prime minister, Justin Trudeau Canada is the biggest country to legalize marijuana, creating an industry worth more than four billion dollars. Wow, congratulations Canada. This is great news for your Konami, but a great for all Canadians because now Seth Rogan can finally try, we'd. This has been. Honestly, I just assumed that they will ready high all the time up there. I mean, have you seen the horses. And. Happy for Canada, but I'm gonna lie as someone who lives in New York City. This story pisses me off. All these places are getting legal. We'd before us, but Canada doesn't need. We'd New York does right now. There are angry people walking around New York screaming at a guy walking over here. We need the weed at the city legalize weed. There'd be like I was. I was doing something over, you go, you go, first, you go first. Anyway, let's move on to news coming out of Colorado where we'd is also legal. But unfortunately, so is something else. Next month Colorado will vote on tainting the language that state constitution so that it no longer allow slavery as a form of punishment. Slavery is technically still legal in many states, including Colorado part of Colorado's constitution rates that there shall never be in this state, either slavery or involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crying amendment on the ballot. This year would change the last part to abolish slavery completely America. America's real shady. You brag about ending slavery, but then you keep it in the fine prints. Like when ABRAHAM LINCOLN wrote the emancipation proclamation. I didn't know he was like all persons how slaves our hands faults shall be afraid. Terms and conditions, apply free persons, maybe reinstates punishment for work really worked on fat. They're going to be working..

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