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Really is that official official lines are up. That's great. Next thing. We're working on is a statue. In front of the Ritchie Valens. Center which is on. Laurel canyon and Paxton boulevard in proclaim. And then after that, we're going to have a battle the band. On around may. Want to spread the word about that? Because we want the youth to know what's going on. We just need a little bit of pride over here. You know what? I mean, you do. Absolutely. And this is the way to do it. Yup. Well, when you're ready, ROY just let us know. We'll get the word out for you here. Okay. Well, thank you so much George for taking my call. And I just. You're very welcome. Very welcome. We'll take a few more calls before the break. And then we'll wrap up after the half with the more. Final calls with Gary Moore as we talk about the day, the music died and. Lou Lou diamond would be great being out there. He's he's still around isn't he Gary? Yeah. He is and didn't amazing job. Much like Gary Busey. I mean, it's you watch his performances that movie, and you would you would think that you're you're seeing Ritchie. I'll tell you. There's a guy out there. The Ray Anthony who performs Ritchie and he's been doing that for several years and dozen incredible job. Just amazing Jaffa zi do Vegas to. You know, he performed right now with the show that I was talking to earlier John Mueller's winter dance party, but he used to be part of the legends performance at Vegas. Let's go out to Spencer, Iowa David's with us on coast to coast. Hey, david. Georgia. Actually, I'm done in New Mexico, but I used to fly out of Spencer, Iowa Great Lakes airlines. Yeah. I grew up reading that area. Our family farmers about our drive from that crash site and that eighteen years old. I was flying and eight thirty six bonanza, which is a better version of that thirty five with the veto veto, by the way is known as the nickname the doctor killer. A lot of people have died in that air airplane because it it looks real pretty and and people get a little bit of money, and they go out and buy a sexy detail beach crapping Anza, and it's more airplane than they can handle. And they end up having a problem getting killed in it. It showed that Randy Rhoads across. I believe that they were they were goofing off in that airplane, your buzzing somebody's house or something when they they crashed that one, but when I was eighteen I flew that eight thirty six out of Redwood falls for central byproducts rendering company there in farmland, and and so kind of the same thing. But at eighteen I had this kid, I looked at his I look at the NTSB report tech serves he was twenty one with seven hundred dollars. But he only had he had failed at his first attempt at a instrument rating. Here's a flight instructor without even having an instrument rating, which is unusual wrestling now. Holidays. Let alone an instrument instructor rating and he had not flown instruments in that the plane that it appears he hasn't flown instruments in the plane that he crashed in that he'd done his instrument training all fifty hours of instrument training, which isn't all that much to be carrying passengers in instrument conditions, but he did it in a different aircraft. And I noticed looking at the the one of the things noted was that the gyroscopic attitude indicator that was in the bonanza it has a really strange display compared to a more typical attitude indicator to the point where looking at a still picture of a static picture of it, it even confuses me a little bit took a look at it still. If if I see it working it probably figured out real soon. But when you look when you look at it not having used that exact instrument, which which she hadn't he had not much. He hasn't had any experience using. That exact gyroscope I had a more typical one in the other planes that he was flying and any any will also that Dwyer aviation. I remember hanging out in the pilot lounge of aviation on many a trip I used to fly from Spencer to Chicago hair from the cornfields to the busiest airport in the world that the time twice a day. I stopped in Mason city. I guess that'd be four stops. And Mason city every day doing that that anyway thinking about this talking about this Gary kind of brings back memories of being a sixteen year olds seventeen year old eighteen year old kid doing that kind of flying in southern Minnesota northern Iowa. You still fly? Just for fun. I'm not flying for work right now. I could go back to work because I wanted to. But, but I, but I am not presently. Well, it does bring back some interesting since it sounds like you are smart pilot, too, by the way, and that's important. Just should not have happened. Gary. No, no. It should not have you know, it's uh. Anyone who knows anything about flying? Those kids shouldn't have been in that seat shouldn't have been an airplane. Airplanes shouldn't have been in the air that that evening. It did not have the icing. When you look at the analysis, they had done the weights and balance, weights and balanced for your trip taking account for luggage and everything they had done the weights and balanced earlier that day.

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