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It just didn't match with what i thought i was there to and what i typically done in my career to earn the opportunity to beat it. I'm used to interacting with bill raftery. Jay bilas i think if you know i've i was sitting there with them. I don't think people's perception would have been while this is too big of a. He's not meant to do this so again. Not meaning to be critical gruden or everybody else I understand white length away of did. But i just knew it was not a great dynamic Based on this thanks might strengths and kind of way the broadcast went. Did you break but ambassador. Have the chance to do it on. But did i think that. I think we were bad. No thought it was fine but it could have been great. it wasn't. Did you ever have a moment during a game or anytime in year one year to where it hit you like. Oh this isn't working or you know we're not meshing. The first right there was one or two. I did was in washington steelers in washington in there. There were one or two times. I said something that i expected would elicit a response in it. Didn't and i just thought to actually to the point. Where i thought didn't hear me and mike rico. I talked to. Mike and mike was my predecessor. As a really good friend actor syracuse days We kind of overlapped. He was coming in. Just as i was leaving. But we've been friends since the mid eighties in one of the things at when i stopped was he said you need. When you're gonna have your address. John need to make sure that he had his attention because he's because he does do the replace a lot news time season conversation with truck as you all probably people listening to this probably into broadcast. The we have buttons on her headset. Will we can talk to the truck. director graphics people. Remember it legged senator. Tom and we can say hey. Nothing happens after this play. You get a shot of coach. I wanna tell that story about blah blah. So that's why a lot of times it's really insane because the talk back button is really important. Tool in janis. Did exceedingly well but a lot of times. You don't know if someone's talking to the other guys year of the other night Be willing if you weren't right while itself So i think there were times when actually i was saying something him. Someone else was talking to so that that's going to happen. But i've had it happen to me or someone analyst saying something to me that they expect their response in the producers talking Sending here so yeah there were. There were a number of times when it will uncomfortable across that way on the is is to hear me say there. Was there ever a conversation. I'm i'm taking my share of the of the blame for the fights that didn't go well physics laboratories effort in in as i said. I don't think it was terrible but i i think it could have been better. I'm curious about anthony..

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