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I thought my mother-in-law dogs go crazy of it. The minute they see to pack. It's come out. It's terrific. Okay. Folks just quickly because I gotta get this fascinating developments on. What's coming down the pipeline for all the people involved in the spying this Astor and some also some developments on some of the people who were back in Christine Ford that have now become quite explosive. I just want to address this quickly because the Hollywood media folks are turning on each other. Now, folks, we win, you lose new rules are in effect, we win. We exercise raw political power. I've said this over the last few days we get out and vote. We may not be winning the culture war, although we're making progress who may not be winning the boycott war is companies come after us. They target conservative content, conservative companies. We may be making some headway, but we're not winning there. But one of the places we are winning is we are winning on raw political power. We have taken over the house of representatives. We took over the United States Senate, we took the presidency. We're about to tilt, the court smile a little bit. Today we are winning. Because we do what we know how to do. We organize, we go out and vote. One of the differences between us and the Occupy Wall street movement, antiga black lives matter. Joe is you were there and I were there. I was there during the tea party revolution and what did we do? We didn't just show up on the mall. We went out and voted. We booted out bad Republicans. We got tea party folks like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz rand Paul, we got them in there and they have listen, is everything perfect. Can it not get better? Of course it can get better. We're still have massive deficits, but we've unquestionably altered the tide of the Republican party. Remember the Republican party under Spiro Agnew guy, Joe knows well, former Maryland governor vice president there. The tricky, dick Nixon threes I bring up Agnew was back then that Republican party created the and it was the Republican party actually agreed that high taxes were a good thing in many respects, no look contender, right? You. You could vouch for that. You remember those days, right? Oh, yeah. DAT Republican party is now dead. You will not find a home in the Republican party. If you do not support life, economic freedom, the right to self protection. We have made some substantial changes. I say that because the tea party revolution focused on the do the do not just the talk. We went out and voted and we got serious players in their serious constitutionalists. This movement right now, the Amy Schumer Emily rag recount sqi 'em rata. Whatever she ever thing is they are not ready for this fight. They have no idea how to organize their turning on themselves right now. I have an article Joe up at the show notes today. Please read it. It's short. It's sweet, but I want to show you how what, regardless of what happens with this vote, how they are on their heels right now, they are on their heels. They don't know what to do Kathy Griffin and Michael Moore got into a Twitter spat yesterday to noted left this Kathy Griffin of infamous Trump decapitation fame which did the mock decapitation Trump. And Michael Moore noted. The slob on the leftovers. Terrible movies are beating each other up more saying, oh, he shouldn't have relied on the FBI. We should have done more Kathy Griffin fires back to who were you doing Michael? This is what chaos looks like. You want chaos. We're going to give you chaos, but the chaos is going to play out in your side. You wanna play ball. We're ready to play ball. I wanna hit a few points here. If you think for a second pampered, Amy Schumer and her multi-million dollar salaries and our inner chef and all that other stuff. If you think they're ready for the storm, they say they want your crazy. This is no time to play both sides..

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