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That we can and like. I said I WANNA make sure that you. You say something to those ladies overdid office. Because I I tell them all the time which I appreciate them but I think once you let them know what good job they're doing till appreciate it more thank you. I will make sure I do that today. Yes please do sterling and Gary are in this weird position where they are both suddenly depending on the government for their livelihoods. The government ordered an economic shutdown which cost sterling his job and now sterling is waiting on the government to pay him the unemployment he was promised by. Congress in the cares act. Gary is waiting for that money. In the form of sterling's rents and the rent of his other tenants to be able to pay his mortgage to the bank and the bank is waiting on that. Money and investors are waiting on that money and the entire economy is kind of waiting on that money to stabilize the millions of businesses and people who have all had their lives turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic one rent. Check is kind of a link in a chain that connects the entire economy but the most vulnerable person in that chain. The person with the most at stake is sterling Lunceford. Who is still having trouble breathing? And who is still waiting for his unemployment check and for him. Time is running out within the next thirty to sixty days. I'll be completely broke. I won't have any money at all. No income no way. No no anything within the next sixty days. If I don't get something coming in like that uninformed something I'm going to be broke. This episode. The indicator produced by Darius Rafi on the indicators edited by Paddy Hirsch and is a production of NPR. Let's all close our eyes. Take a deep breath. Let it out and listen to NPR. All songs considered it's music podcast. But it's also a good friend and guide to find joy in troubled times here. All songs considered with new episodes every Tuesday and Friday. Wherever you listen to podcasts..

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