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I'm Jim Boswell will lead it off on the diamond and the second game back in Saint Louis. Joining the angels back in twenty twelve hour pools on Saturday, and he gave the cardinals fan something. They remember often with him at the plate to whole driven to laugh at this way, pack there. Alber pull it out. Oh my goodness. Our goal is thirteenth homerun a line drive, smash into the angels, both bad, and everybody's standing plotting and Saint Louis Roxie Bernstein, Chris singled over the call Aaron ESPN radio pools connected up the coda Hudson in the seventies thirteen of the season. Got a standing ovation as rounded the bases and had this post game for those former faithful card fans into or on the very thing. Into Bill going whole everything, and you and those hard or so thinking that I was I hate it out. And you know you don't think mine, she just. You just hear the crowd about moment as you walking on base. This everybody should being aside just that I treasure forever. Yeah. What am I saying they're not former fans, they still love them today? Even with angels uniform took a curtain call after going deep. But more Selo Zona connected to lead Hudson, and the chords past the angels, four to two so much respect for the former cardinals star, even from the pitcher who served up the long ball Hudson on Fox Sports midwest. I mean is one of one of the best players everywhere cardinals uniform. So there's a little bit of an adrenaline rush every nine header. So is a lot of fun to be able to compete against him. Yeah. With carrying round watching. All time. Yankee Drakkar top one in five straight games. The Yankees have mas- heard on the yes network geo or Shilla Austin role mind went deep the Yankees. They've heard their hit as you just heard twenty five straight gains with long ball that ties the nineteen forty one Yankees for the most in franchise history. The two thousand two Texas Rangers hold the major league. More at twenty seven straight games with a long ball, Giancarlo Stanton. Hit a pair of go ahead two run singles. The Yankees beat the stroz seven five it's their eighth straight win Houston lost their seventh in a row in a match up of American League. Division leaders, Freddie gets into one. It's a deep to right field. Mookie Betts is barely gonna move. Is it fair? Yes. Over the pesky bowl, Freddie Galves has his eleven th home run of the year, a mud jesting power to run shut down the right field. Y yes, spreading gal is rowdy. Telus hit back to back home runs to help the Blue Jays rally from six run deficit and best Red Sox. Eight seven Eric. So way four pitch bases-loaded, walk to break the eighth inning ties Toronto hands Boston his second loss in the last ten games. You're listening sportscenter all night on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. I'm Jim bass from the NBA the Lakers are looking to free up money by offloading contracts. But the target may not be Kemba Walker. But instead, a return of Dangelo Russell Bleacher report says the team plans to have face to face meeting with Russell when free agency officially begins on June, thirtieth, and while they're trying to clear up space. They're also trying to convince Anthony Davis to wave is four million dollar trade kicker Russell did leave LA on good terms in former team president Magic Johnson publicly questioned his leadership ability, but magic is now gone and Russ. Sle is said to have mutual interest in a return to LA should the net signed Cairo Europe being let him walk or net executive Bobby marks on how the Brooklyn nets navigate being players now in this free in game. They cleared about a million dollars when they moved that pick to the clippers for a future first round pick. And they are. They've got position to New York to go out and to get to max players. The question will be if they have the opportunity to go out and get a Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. They still need to move about one point three million dollars in ru at a player here in the difference between Brooklyn and New York is that Brooklyn still has the angel-. Russell is restricted free agent so they can bring back Russell go out and get a player like Tobias Harris and those two players. There were New York is a little bit different where they don't have that all star under under contract already Kyrie's potential signing in Brooklyn does have ties to Kevin. Durant, another gray free, despite the Killys injury. Brian win horse pens this essay with fem- katie's decision igniting free agency. Kevin Durant free agency was always expected off the NBA to not in this way. Try to stay with. After tearing his achilles terrible mood in the finance. He's gone from an impactful free agent. One of the most mysterious is ever seen choice. We'll sit up dominant who have ripple throughout the week. The Knicks take again. Katie join in the Knicks. I think would be great for the whole NBA basketball. David been on the hunt for a superstar game changer as long as they can remember the Marist itemize, Dan. Komo Anthony was a near miss. That's Zingo is best start. Your may be headed. Anthony Davis is no longer enough to run players like number three RJ Barrett. Dennis Mitchell, and Mitchell Robinson developers. Recovers may be legit option albeit a risky. Mindset that makes every other domino fall with the clippers go for they have the flexibility to go in any direction. They have a terrific mix gifted players polish. They're gonna take sway to Leonard, if they miss they can move onto Durant, in the lie on their deep roster compete as he recovered warms in California with some maneuvers. They should have signed, both could it be the nets Brooklyn has been hearing cap space last several making for to moving appears to be lining up to be one, and they've been scheming to make Durant, the other now perhaps Irving closed down the fort with the nets other young pieces. They wait for Durant attorney with him already recovering, New York. It's a serious possibility. This is going to be the craziest summer ever. What if he just stays home with the warriors Golden State was bracing for these now they could turn crisis doing opportunity offering a five year contract to warriors have the chance to show him support? News that we have been longside Thompson, perhaps flip the script to go for being seems a mercenary to selfless devoted to then returned to make another run. That sounds like a fairytale in the end it's about selling vision two teams to Durant and Durant to the teeth. If they're both right. They could be right. Big. They're wrong. Well, this was true tragedy. More NBA free agency later in the show, who has the inside track on Koa. Why we will explore trades overshadow the second day of the NHL draft PK sue bond, and Patrick Marlowe were on the moving pair of deals. The devils acquired Sudan from the prayed for a pair of young players in a pair draft picks New Jersey landing defenseman a day after taking center. Jack us number one overall on Friday. It's time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Sabban won twenty thirteen Norris. Trophy was limited to sixty three games just last season. While scoring nine goals and twenty two cyst. Let's bring in ESPN NHL national reporter, Emily Kaplan, who's been in Vancouver site of the draft. And Emily, there are a host of defense on that trade market with Sudan, the first to go, what were you impressions of the deal prize? But it wasn't a huge surprise the Nashville predators. Clearly to do something to their roster after two straight years of playoff. Out. And honestly, they need to pass base to get a Ford agencies that ban win, of course, are probably going to be talking about him as a locker distraction because personality for the devil also them announcing themselves. The New York market is getting really competitive today, the playoffs last year. The Rangers just take true rebuilt about the over. I think they're going to spend rate is they and now the devil saying, hey, we're here to say this is going to help them saying fine Heller hopefully long run. Yeah. Emily characterized sue bonds game right now. He's paid like a top pairing defenceman. Does he play like that still? Yes. Last year was a career worth, only sixty three games offense number that I wasn't quite himself. He wasn't quite a twenty thirteen Norris trophy winner that we've seen, but he's not to sell themselves by any means be thirty years old. He's still an elite offense events been any don't think that he can produce at very, very high level. Interesting. I mentioned names nyc Nicoletti Justin Faulk matter of fact, Carolina has several defenseman that could be on the market. Shane Gaza spares. Well, does this open the door for other trades blue line? Sure, does there's only we talked to David toil afterward. The credit there's fourteen Casey van because I thought it was interesting. I think there should be a lot more. But every team now use help on the blue line and the problem is that letters coveted often don't get traded usually by Arkham stance because PK's cap had or take through and long-term on. And when a pack. So I think it will over the market. But I'm not sure it's gonna win it wide open. That's not how operates usually don't eat events of joy, Patrick Marlowe Molise to the canes. Frees up money get JT Miller from the lightning free agency players can talk to other teams as early as Sunday so where the dominoes begin to fall here. One of the biggest names on the market are Panara? And he's expected to begin his period and Florida along with eight but you use because I think the New York Rangers would be in on him as well. And the pup stand on the markets Matthew Shane, and now that the Nashville predators, they'd all the cafes their favorite for him. So one those guys are settled, I think everyone else is gonna to play and believe Kaplan. ESPN's NHL national reporter, Emily. We certainly appreciate the inside in that is straight talk wireless, everything for less only at WalMart. The NHL salary cap for next season has been set eighty one and a half million, which is a million and a half lower than initially projected more diamond doings up next. Dodgers crack another walk off, Jack. While a Mets rookie continues to swing for the record books that and the Korean zombie on display. You.

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