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This week. I have no idea what he's doing is don't ask, but I am Ben Parker filling in for Dan. Typically, you can hear me from 2 to 6 in the afternoon doing the news here on WBZ and we had a fun filled action packed night and hoping that you will join in to take us home. 617254 10 30 Covid. We talked about Covid the new move variant that is come about I mentioned earlier. I don't know how we jumped from because I I do news so clearly, you know, I I should have my finger on the pulse, right? We went from Delta to move like like overnight and that skipped a whole bunch of Greek letters in the alphabet. I did a little research gather or some other variants out there. They stole those names, and they didn't really make much of an impact. So let's just curious when I heard Hey, we're on. We're on Move area. Wait a second. Don't know the Greek alphabet by heart. But I know that Delta and move are not right next to each other and no, they're not. So we can talk about that. Or back to school. Kids are masking up to go back to school. Did yours have to? Are you worried about it? Are you worried that they're going back to school? Maybe too soon? Maybe not soon enough. Whatever. We talked about space to if you don't talk about space. Peter King is a fascinating guests. CBS correspondents been covering space since the mid nineties and in the space since you know he was born. Really, uh, knows a lot. We could have a lot of fun with that. So if you wanna talk about space, maybe something you witnessed in the space program or maybe something you're hoping will happen. In space. Let's go to Lowell. Hello, Mary Lou. Goodbye, Heart. Where she where she go. Mary Lou, come back. Hi, Ben. Hi, there. Um, train. I don't know what you look like. But I'm trying to picture you with white plant and you need to send them back to where you bought them. No white paint. No, I can't wear white pants. No, absolutely not a man with white pants. No, no, no, no, no. No. But you see, this is where you see 50. Yeah, like beings in the fifties. I get you here. Here's the thing. And the funny thing is, and you don't really know me, which is fine, And I'm glad to tell you about myself. Not what I look like, Necessarily. But, uh, I actually it's funny because I bought the white pants. For the exact reason that you're telling me I shouldn't wear them because I know that I shouldn't wear them, but I want to wear them so people will go. Why are you wearing those white pants? I'm just curious if it's if I can wear them a couple days after Labor Day because I was laid up for a few weeks. No, You can't with them at all at all. But you said your wife doesn't like what? Not My life doesn't like anything I pick out because I'm a guy. I don't blame her. I don't blame her not to even my P and then, like, seriously, I can't even believe you would buy a clear awake. She couldn't either. I did get him on sale, So that's a plus right? How it is it now? They're trying to get rid of that. Well, he did. They got rid of one pair to me. Yes, exactly. That's why they put them on sale so they can get rid of them. Because men just don't wear white appeared just like a man wearing white shoes. Hello. All right. Well, I guess I'll put the white shoes back to Alabama. How about a white hat? Like why don't just dress all in white? What's the difference? I'm dying. No, no hat, no boots. You've just you blew up my entire wardrobe for tomorrow. Mary Low. All right, I'll take I'll take sorry as they seriously somebody will shoot at you or something or honest to God. As I said to yourself, as they say, I will take it under advisement. Okay. Someday you'll grow up like you just said no wrong. All right, Mary Lou, I love listening to you, though. You sound like a cool guy. Oh, I am going to be cool wearing those white peers. I'll tell you that. All right? I'm a little sad, but thanks, Mary Lou. All right, Well, there's one I guess I got to keep score. Rob. We've got to keep score. That's one against the, uh, the white pants. Let's go to Linda in Ipswich. I have no idea if she's calling about pants or something else, But she's on Nightside. Hi there. Linda. Hi, John. Hey, guys. You're willing to wear the white pants even against your wife's objections? Well, yeah, well, especially against her. Why do you need of strangers? Approval? Come on, get a little bit of self confident. That white thing not where you have to Labor Day went out in the 19 forties. All right, was it was there in the forties? As then decades since they dropped that, all right Where your white bad, All right, All right. There's one. All right, Linda. I appreciate that again. I will take that under advisement. Although I feel like I feel like you don't like the white pan idea. You're just saying I could wear them. No, no, I love so I dance have a little bit of self competence. Go down to say Hey, look at me. I just taken a thumb in your eyes. I'm gonna wear my white pants. Do it. All right, well tomorrow, then we break out the white pants. There you go. Alright. Enjoy yourself. Thanks, Linda. Okay, Bye back. I I didn't know that the white pants thing would be the big topic tonight, but apparently it is. I did buy a pair of white pants. I bought them late, man. Yeah, I was gonna say late June early July sometime in that range, I bottom because they're white pants. And I thought, Hey, white pencil. Be cool. My wife said those will not be cool, which made me want to buy them even more. So now I got this pair of nice white golf pants. Uh, you know, they're stretchy. They, you know, they breathe whatever still have the tags on it. I guess I could bring them back. Except I think the store I bought him that's out of business. Anyway, so I I just was kidding around a little bit. I do you know, let's after Labor Day. I thought there was no rule. I don't know. What do I know about fashion? I'm a guy in my fifties. I just heard Labor Day. Can't wear white anymore. Maybe that's wrong. I don't know. Lorries in Montana on nightside. Hi, Laurie. By a great show tonight. This is very refreshing. Thank you. This this this tide, Bucker says. Just go ahead and wear them. First of all, they're not like press women. Not coming from Miami. But if anybody gives you a hard time just telling you stepped off the plane from Florida. I could do that. I was I was thinking, uh, I got a nice, uh, light blue shirt golf shirt. Maybe that would go with it. Maybe I could even throw on like I got a very light. When I say light like it's not. It's not heavy, like for winter. It's a very light spring kinda dress jacket. And maybe if I did that, and kind of pulled off the the Rico suave, maybe put the hat on, like control. I could do that. And then the white pants wouldn't like. Look as obvious they'd be like, Oh, this guy is really dressed weird instead of just my parents. Yeah, stop. We'll do our white pants. A big deal in Montana. People were white Pence in Montana alone. You know? It's want to people. Where would they want to wear half of the more short fall winter so I don't want to go. I don't want to stereotype Montana and by the way, Montana is probably in my top. Five states. I'd love to go visit for a like a while and and and explore the joint. And I don't say that because you're from Montana. I just say that because it's true. I'm actually from New England. I moved out here 10 years ago. Oh, God bless you. But I I I don't mean to stereotype, but I kind of felt like Montana's like a blue jean kind of place. Really very much as there are. The pockets of cowboys are also professional pockets, too. But I can't say that I've seen maybe on the golf courses in the summer..

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