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Best not to yell and holler and and raise my voice I I really am I've got some things to get off my chest this morning I've got some things to say but I'm gonna keep an even keel because I got to pace myself we got five months until the selection we've got a virus that this country whether this country wants to acknowledge it or not it's there and we got to deal with it we have the issue of race that we must confront we have been on fit all Wrobel human being in the White House I got to pace myself I could come on every day for two hours every day I could come on every day just lose my you know what every single day I'm not gonna do that not today I have too much to say here's the deal and I will start right here if John Bolton had told Congress in January and February what he is telling the American people now in his book Donald Trump might well not even be president right now down for may not be president screw John Bolton's book okay say that a bunch today I am not buying that man's book I will not I will not pay a dime I will not put a dime in his pocket if John Bolton had opened up his model in January and February instead what he's saying now I believe there's a decent chance trump wouldn't be president right now but he didn't and everybody he didn't Bolton didn't everybody breathlessly right reading the excerpts of this book right that is it has not been released to the general public yet it will next week unless Donald Trump can stop it from being released but reporters media people others have their hands on copies send those copies went public yesterday and all of the good juicy stuff in John Bolton's book came out breathlessly on Twitter and Facebook and every other which way man T. V. Bolton said this about trump trump did this trump said that I'm not buying the book because on like I guess a lot of people who are more enlightened than me I I can't get past yes I must say it again because I can't get past that it John Bolton had gone to Congress in January and under oath said what he's saying now in a book oh man there's a really decent chance trump wouldn't be president oh man there there's a there's an it's almost automatic to the Senate then would have had to call John Bolton as a witness in the Senate might have actually had to have a trial a real trial to determine if Donald Trump should be removed from office or not but here's the deal guys here's the point and I can't move past that and I may touch upon some of the things that John Bolton said in his book today or tomorrow but I can't get past this John Bolton screw him it's not what I really want to say but this is radio so I have to watch what I wanna say but screw John Bolton in school his book he put his book before country he put John Bolton put his book before his country let me think about what you're going to hear maybe what you've already heard about with John Bolton said is John Bolton who work for Donald Trump he was his national security adviser John Bolton says in his book that Donald trump is unfit to be president and he committed impeachable acts stop stop we stopped the radio show right now the national security adviser I said in his book that will be out next week that when he worked for Donald Trump he knew Donald Trump was unfit to be president when he worked for Donald Trump Bolton said he knew that Donald Trump committed in each box you work for a guy like that you believe that about a guy like that you've got receipts that showed trump is unfit and he committed impeachable acts and you don't do a damn freaking thing about it except write a book you write a book right the country is going through the throes of impeachment and you keep your mouth shut you write a book your underlings go out there Fiona hill and all the rest they put their lives on the line right they put their reputations on the line they put their jobs and livelihoods on the line and they did to testify under oath about what they saw what they knew what they heard and John Bolton you don't you let them walk the plank you let the only he'll walk the plank you let colonel lieutenant colonel vin men walk the plank you let Marie Yuvan of which walk the plank and you don't say squat I may be alone island but I'm a little pissed off today at all the conservatives who are saying yeah you know what Boldin did suck but man you will you see what's in his book did you read this yeah I agree you know again Bolton's a bad guy for doing what he did but all my god look at look at what he said on page four hundred now I I can't do that I won't do that I won't buy the book because here's the straight up truth.

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