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In north hollywood and seventy eight in santa monica we lead local from kfi's 24hour newsroom i'm debra mark johny joe john kobelke pension poets k f i ate him six boarding welcome everybody welcome i remind her to john kobo in particular were toll free this thursday we're not stopping to nearly ended a half hour you're almost five thirty till so you're chairs two hundred thousand dollars is coming up during this tollfree segment keep listening for it but we're gonna talk with vivian ho he she is the reporter with the san francisco chronicle who has been in the courtroom this week for the key steinle murder trial kate stanley was the young woman who died of san francisco pierre beck enjoy 2015 by the illegal alien jose in is garcia's the rot day he was the guy who spun through the system getting deported fivetimes head though one criminal record and san francisco let him at a custody and uh came across a gun and somehow the gunman off in his hand that's the big fight those over so how he shot her wii shudder whether it was an accident whether he aimed at her and today they discussed the theft of the gun from a federal ranger and it's good to vivian on here on that and any any other issues that came up today vivian how are you aren't higher as there were so was was the main testimonial about this bureau of land management to arrange rues gun was stolen worth are so rain character it what how are our best weapon i brought it with them how he left there that uh how he could the that uh under the driver uh and uh low in folk about how he brought his servic weapon secondary service weapon i brought it with them how he left arafat kok air how he put the vat path under the driver uh and uh our car on the of our barrow erin brockovich there are holed up an hour later and it restored the backpack restored the backpack with though it but the garden side with the gun inside and then next thing we know garcia surat day has the gun sitting on the.

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