Pablo Escobar, Utah, Oregon discussed on Shutdown Fullcast


That what's the utah cup was nessie i'm going to take what i could care back to the car oregon trail he's like take what i sixty pounds of buffalo we'd basically the trooper was like i can't fit all this in the car and put it in evidence we don't have like they're going to think i'm running we got i got the sucker goals for the kids practice day in the trunk so just you don't have evidence crimes very small to contain like diet coke kim we we haven't evidence coffee table does that count i think we only have very tiny schiff aerob put the put the evidence cubby we've been wronged by just got to the point where he was like if i take any more than this i have to open a trafficking case and that's a lot of paperwork so just like the rest of it take your so if you're talking like big meech pablo escobar go through utah i need to ask you sicario or make turn around and go back to oregon tova take jack oregon buddies.

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