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Visually impaired person spoke with you with both to get in touch by skype but i i lost you skype you were going to do a hell elp or something is your book in audio your very kind for the blind if it audio or not audible because some of the stuff should be if people don't understand if i've always like this kind of stuff and how to get a touch and you can give your email or skype over the phone it out we i know we talked i touch base but how do i eat your stuff in audio off for the blind and this is really not unfortunately no that something we need to do that truly but the now not audible yes that would be a good job i'm glad you're around i'm glad you you some great in check in with us every once in a while so to people that i thought head castagn david till with us i got a good job i wonder what i'd sound like in reverse let's not even go there lay let's go to david into mecca illich california west of the rockies high david go ahead george higher even pay their either i i would ler i was watching a quote unquote democratic national convention anna you're go so will you will look on the stage 'cause he was saying uh we are fired up we are fired up and i thought it was kind of weird who so i i recorded in reverse who i played it back you and the third it's like do said murdoch all love you know jesus oh yeah it was really weird because i never heard back no i'm kinda will can have henry quite a few examples of reversal on crowd shopping and you'll get the same murder i love you that's that's dangerous for two let's listen to a.

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