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WW J, NewsRadio nine fifty is partnering with the transportation improvement association to remind you to keep your eyes on the road in your hands on the wheel, according to the Michigan state police criminal, Justice information centre. There were more than twenty thousand crashes in Michigan during 2017 involving distracted driving seventy two, people died together, we can save a life and prevent injuries. Log onto WW J, NewsRadio dot com. For more information sponsored by Oliver law for we've got our W twos, from work, and it was kind of shocking. It was like, how can we make this much and still have debt? Right. Not to mention zero savings. Anyway, it's a new year, so we decided to get our financial house in order. So we met with a financial advisor who dug into our expenses, and he found two things that were killing us. The first was unplanned expenses can water heater leaky roof and high interest, credit cards. We used to pay for that he graft out how getting a favorable fixed rate personal loan. Let us pay off our high interest bills and start banking. What we save. He pointed us to best egg dot com, and he was right. Consumer affairs gave best five stars for their super easy. Online loan at it literally took us about a minute to apply with no impact our credit score. When it's time to get your bills under control of your finances back on track. Visit best, egg dot com slash radio upon approval funds can be deposited in as little as one business day. Best, egg dot. Com slash radio best, egg dot com slash radio a minor get an abortion without her parents knowing about it..

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