Seventy Four Degrees, Hundred Degrees, Forty Percent discussed on Rush Limbaugh


North and I twenty five loosened up there he decided to to five and better getting into an across downtown on I twenty five as well fox thirty one pinpoint weather partly sunny today forty percent chance of a storm in high of eighty five few evening storms a gradual clearing overnight low fifty seven partly sunny eighty six tomorrow right now seventy four degrees this report sponsored by LifeLock with Norton no one wants to wake up to the news that there is a victim of identity theft or that now worst compromise their smartphone that's why LifeLock with door now includes protection for your identity and devices joined at LifeLock dot com use probable code risk to get ten percent off your first year I recall going on Kayley newsradio Colorado's news traffic weather station selling your home is a very personal experience and you want a real true understands your needs like in needing to sell your house quickly and for more money Chad Madeline gets it he sold over five thousand houses in Colorado alone and as a thank you he wants to offer this incredible promotion chapel so your house and he sells home three times faster for three percent more for just two percent commission call three zero three eight nine hundred eighty five seventy or facile guaranteed dot com for more the tree farms fifty sentry sale is going on now this is our biggest sale of the year with thousands of carry on size trees that are easy to handle by the first regular prices from match a second three for only fifty cents thousands of shade trees trees trees evergreen trees ornamental trees and more also huge savings on trucks ready the tree form dot com the tree okay a news radio and I heart radio station check the email during the break there Mister Limbaugh why do you use for free weather apps on your rivals I actually use more than that the first answer is because I can their second answer is because I want the graphics of all three and the third answer is that they all do just enough differently that when you combine them all you get everything you want everything you need plus I'm a weather guy you know I'm a meteorologist wannabe like most everybody else is that what the weather is as common as anything in life is and it remains one of the most discussed items between people every day it could be a hundred degrees in August when it's normally a hundred reason August and everybody will talk about how hot it is when it's every August there's nothing no nothing different about the weather other band you can't predict it beyond three to four days and it's still one of the most talked about subjects between human beings ever now some of the discussion is because nobody can think of anything else to talk about but still it is so what so that's why and it one staff if I start telling the three that I use it's unfair to the ones I don't and so forth let's see what else I think the the trump comment about liberal Jews.

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