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The lions then right where it's all happening right where the pressure has kumble boiling point hearing us on a saturday morning reported the show earlier the week three the final round of the ninety six buildup section pga championship help that beautiful morrow creek country club in mount bahrel new jersey i'll pay of they've got the courts prime through challenge and in some cases torture the best professionals in the area paul the tunnel line is the section championship plus the top twelve players move on to the traditional championship the club championship bison was to call for many years the natural professional championship played california mets huge because then from that he can go onto the pga championship play with the big boys one of the majors we've got with us right now the executive director of the philadelphia section pga taking a moment hit between running around make it sure everything gets done proper jeff seret jeff it's exciting to be right here when it's all happening tony its two weeks in a row that's right you're product like it won't break i'm going to be on the payroll with a trade it could be folks that one more week it'll be golf talk libel jeff seret we'll have retired now it's been a great week the folks hurt low creek and the folks over apparently think country club for hosting our championship they've done a fantastic job and you know laura creek country club and john slade and his the ground groundstaff here that the golf courses absolutely pristine yeah for those who don't know they played fifty four holes three days one day at laura creek one day burlington half of the field on each and then they chop it down to the low sixty and extend tacit and then they all play the final round here at law creek a beautiful arnold palmer designed that opened the 1991 right in that streak of palmer decides he did commonwealth national law creek than bluebell country club the first palmerdesigned ever in the area and of course commonwealth the first ever in his home state so at it's great to see how these clubs have progressed over the years we're going to talk a little bit more about lara cricket's cell foot jeff the section championship is your big crescendo at the end of the year it's sort of boils up to this and these guys you could tell they really put it on.

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