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Going to go on just fine. Young men. Ninety three w IVC's the breakdown with Brian Baker coming up here in just a couple of minutes. We're gonna have a fantastic interview with Dr Matt will the associate professor finance the school of business there university of Indianapolis talk a little bit about this fantastic economy. What's going on in markets, and who gets all the credit President Donald Trump or former President Obama, I know for a former President Obama, I know who he thinks deserves the the big old Pat on the back. But look at that we've got the teen heartthrob rob kindle walking into the studios even comes in on his on his day off. God bless them. And you don't rob. I I've been bitching about this all week long. But you know, I did. In fact, I had to take the Jeep because the big old crappy big Bertha van that I normally drives just sitting there in the in the parking lot back to the apartment. I it's. Yeah. Well, you know, I mean, it's it's great white the big van. It's rusty. Is a rusty rusty ban. And it also has an issue with the windshield wipers, you see that one of the windshield. Wipers is completely shredded the other one just fine. Now, I have this overall view that I don't want to put money into this thing because I don't really feel all that happy about having it in the first place. But okay, you know, and so I put the wife in the nights car, and I'll drive the fan. So I'm on my way to work rob as on driving down the freeway at a high rate of speed. What do you think happens one of the windshield? Wipers goes out, what do you mean to win out? I mean the arm stop working. Oh, and that was well, it was raining going up and down. I'm flying down the old freeway, and rob get this. It happened to be the wiper blade that goes in front of the drivers. Especially a big problem. Yes. So I will just lay on the passenger seat for the duration of my drive into work. The only problem there is that the threaded wiper blades. Happens to be on the passenger side. It couldn't be the one on the on the driver's side. It had to be the one on the passenger side. So essentially had no windshield wipers, right? So I immediately say all right. It's hell wing keep that might come to work. I put together a delightful overheard segment and at some point in time. I gathered that perhaps my screaming must have echo throughout the entire fourth floor because the computer crash as it is. To do from time to time. And I was a little upset by that. Because I worked very hard in this composition. So I complete that I get it all put out. So I get my car and low and behold, rob as usual, I've got the LA traffic in the middle of Indiana, weather, joy LA traffic without the nights, California weather. So it takes me a good hour and a half to get home to Carmel. And when I arrive if you can imagine I'm a little bit upset by that. So then I say to my wife. All right. I'm going to fix the windshield wiper, which I do get this. I knew nothing about fixing things. But I noticed that like the screw was arrested out holds the white blades. So is the motor was so going swish swish. Right. So I figure we'll get new screw I'll tighten it down. I'll go get new wiper blades Ropley gonna get new wiper blades. And I simply ask the wifi say Honey what year is this fan? I ninety nine I think, but I'll have to check. Okay, fine. So I go to o'reilly's and I walk in. Hi, sir. How are you said it's a ninety nine I need wiper blades. He says oh that out there. I guess that that thing. Yes. And I'm a little embarrassed to be driving. I'll just be honest. Very rusty. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's yeah. I'm a little embarrassed by the thing because if you weren't happily married man with the child people might assume you were. Serves important. When you don't want to be driving because it looks like one of those vehicles where you pick up kids and say what candy and then you drive off with them. So the gentleman takes me down the O'Reilly auto parts line. And he's saying, well, you know, these are the blades I like the best because they're thicker, and they don't make as much noise. I said look at that car out there. I don't need top of the line. So I buy the bottom of the line plates. No, I'm sorry. It was mid level. Cheap was wanna harm your. Motorized vehicle. Your charity around is what do you think those wiper blades cost me? I, you know, I don't know because I drive a smaller automobile, I'm guessing they're probably not as much these these are the cheaper blades cost me thirty eight dollars for the pair. Yeah. So nineteen bucks a piece. Okay. Okay. Now now, wait, wait, there's more. So I check out the gentleman says if you like to help me put them on. And I say like all dumb, man, I say, no, I got it. Thank you, though. I appreciate it. I walk out feeling. I'll get what I do is. I don't want. I don't want him to see me struggling putting the wiper blade on in front of the store. So I drive around the back and then park the car to put the offered to do it for you at no charge told him. No. It's a male thing. Oh, yes. It is. I don't wanna.

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