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And terms conditions and tuition is virtually zero and that is our philosophy everybody who wants one gets one now you go to other countries where the tuition is free you go to university it doesn't cost you money the state pays all of it so how does that work where we're going halfbroken they do it for free because they actually restrict the students that are going it you test into the university and if you don't make it you're not getting in there are actually is a strata and they are actually demanding that students meet a certain requirement to get into university i mean that makes sense to me rule handle weekday mornings at six kfi am 640 more stimulating talk for one of our anniversaries my wife really lows neil diamond editing and so i took her to las vegas and i saw that neil diamond was playing but he was like kneeled the moaned right so i got my wife good and buzz and i say hey i got neil diamond tickets what are we get neil diamond take us it's yeah i said without good seats and she said we're are there so they're in like 30th row chew sasha that's great i can't wait and chiseled buzzed and so neels up their planes because this is unbelievable neil diamond this is great and some interns was 'cause you know this is not neil diamond this is neil fode diamond deal the mon yeah and she's like when we didn't tell me like i wasn't gonna tell you i was gonna you know let you believe that this was the real deal.

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