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'cause it's GonNa be like you know our marketing marketing team of China be like Chemo Center yet to try to like make it by that time and listen I would've I'm usually way ahead of schedule but I've just gone down this rabbit hole because I want it to be. It's an enhancer thing like I don't know what where you can floor allies anything you can like an orange blossom what has like that orange blossom water type aspect which just like in livens Vince everything else it touches okay but doesn't but it's very like you know transparent and you could wear it by yourself or you could like enliven something else with it challenging. Ah Okay you said you're not a makeup person but we always like to end our interviews. With what are some of your favorite beauty products okay rooming products fine. You must have stuff in your hair. What's going on yeah? I love this on I. I don't know what this means. It's billy jealousy ever heard of them. Okay Yeah because they sell it at like the the haircut place that I go to Georgia's to in park slope shout out to them. They're awesome Georgia's to Georgia's one. It's like demonstrate from it I I it's right near the barklays man. They're the best okay and they have. They have this billy. Jealousy is called L. Mud because it's Matt Matt amount I really I really like that. generally people give us so much beauty products right and so we just like I'll just use that. I don't who are people who just walking up to you and giving you beauty products like Jordan Samuel who that is he has like an amazing line. He's given us a bunch of products that spend with me for a long time. I basically like Boris. Oh Guy Right. I Love Bar soap but I don't use much like I wouldn't wash. Ah I wash my face with a bar soap and everything I will if need like us like oil like aftershave or something there is something by I think they're called are Inco- yes. That's the hair brands well. They had this like this aftershave like oil thing. That smells like pine is really good and I I've just running out of it. Someone gave it to me for free like five years ago and like I'm GonNa buy this again at that is putting on the bog. Okay guess what our time is up done. How do we do was great is this? I'm on being your first co host auto podcast. Okay thanks for coming in. It's time for raising wand which I just pulled on you at the last minute so I don't know if you're prepared but you know what it's all about. What are you going to raise the one to this band Fontaine's? DC Fun Tab you know why do we need to listen to this banner. God it's there from Ireland from Dublin Okay and it's just like like great rock and roll. That's like not super super original but has like very original things about it. He sings in Irish accent unbelievably. Good lyrics likely zero pretension. They're so awesome I Osama bowery and I'm just like this. They're going to be huge. That's awesome okay. Well guess what I asked you what you really want to and I didn't have one prepared. We're going to end on that amazing. Thank you for the recommendation. Yeah thanks David. Thanks for listening fat. Mascara is produced by our.

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