Breast Cancer discussed on Mental Health In Minnesota


And it's something that i often don't really talk about okay and so but i'll just kinda reference it a little bit here. I think it's super important to remember the context of like some of the words. That were using select. Mutual came up all why and this year of like a new one thing or whatever but it was interesting because i mutual aid has been something that a lot of you know. Marginalized groups have used such as disability communities. Yes you know Or like clear communities because organizations they couldn't rely on organizations or like class barriers or whatever to just like provide each other with care so i fled. Mutual aid was a word stella work and i'm trying to like get back to the root of what it means because it became so popular. That kinda got out of its like original context. What another word itself care and like originally self-care came from i believe. Rg lord And but it was. It was a clear black woman and they had breast cancer. So it's interesting that when we talk about self care like we forget that the person who even created that famous quote like self care is not self-indulgence but self-preservation was a breast cancer like survivor and also like was navigating that at the time. Yeah so. I'm saying that because i think like and again i'm trying to get back to like learning more about the the person that made that made term self-care popular. Yes because now south cares related to some of the stuff that you said earlier and And i think because let's coded all of us light then. He realized that you know these underlying health conditions wiring communities dying disproportionately long. I think starting south care. What just checking in on like is your body good. Yeah you know. I can just say for myself because of the stress of this year. There's ways at my body has changed. There's ways at the doctor. There's ways that And even i think you know before we started this podcast..

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