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In reference to <Speech_Male> ahmad arbor. <Speech_Male> I will also <Speech_Male> say that if you <Speech_Male> talked to bob <Speech_Male> rubin and jason <Speech_Male> sheffield <Speech_Male> who are stellar <Speech_Male> attorneys along <Speech_Male> with the others <Speech_Male> who represented <Speech_Male> the other defendants. <Speech_Male> They say <Speech_Male> well the <Speech_Male> first four times <Speech_Male> that they interviewed <Speech_Male> roddy <Speech_Male> bryant. He didn't bring <Speech_Male> that up. It's <Speech_Male> only when he realized <Speech_Male> he needed a hook <Speech_Male> to get <Speech_Male> off <SpeakerChange> that he <Speech_Male> brought that up <Speech_Male> right. And <Speech_Male> that won't be admissible <Speech_Male> at trial <Speech_Male> if roddy. Brian has sitting <Speech_Male> at the counsel table <Speech_Male> with them. Because <Speech_Male> he's unlikely <Speech_Male> to take the stand <Speech_Male> and so <Speech_Male> if the mcmichael's <Speech_Male> defense lawyers <Speech_Male> can't cross examine <Speech_Male> him on <Speech_Male> that statement <Speech_Male> then it won't <SpeakerChange> be admissible <Speech_Male> at trial <Speech_Male> page. <Speech_Male> Would it be <Speech_Male> possibly <Speech_Male> to the <Speech_Male> best defense <Speech_Male> for. <Speech_Male> Roddy brian <Speech_Male> to try to make a deal <Speech_Male> before <SpeakerChange> this goes <Speech_Male> to trial. <Speech_Male> I think you have to <Speech_Male> consider that. <Speech_Male> I mean anytime. <Speech_Male> You have a murder charge <Speech_Male> pending against <Speech_Male> you. I mean that's life <Speech_Male> in prison <Speech_Male> So if there's <Speech_Male> a way to become a <Speech_Male> witness and <Speech_Male> admit responsibility <Speech_Male> for what you did <Speech_Male> clearly. He <Speech_Male> put himself <Speech_Male> in the middle of this. <Speech_Male> He had no idea <Speech_Male> what was going on <Speech_Male> other than they were chasing <Speech_Male> a black man through <Speech_Male> the neighborhood which <Speech_Male> is reason enough <Speech_Male> to be charged. <Speech_Male> The way he is <Speech_Male> but he. <Speech_Male> Certainly i think <Speech_Male> less culpable <Speech_Male> because <Speech_Male> he didn't have a firearm. <Speech_Male> He didn't discharge <Speech_Male> a firearm <Speech_Male> He <Speech_Male> probably could work <Speech_Male> out some sort <Speech_Male> of resolution. But <Speech_Male> i <Speech_Male> don't know you know he's <Speech_Male> from this <Speech_Male> glenn county. He's <Speech_Male> gonna live in that community. <Speech_Male> I <Speech_Male> does he want to <Speech_Male> testify against <Speech_Male> the mcmichael's and <Speech_Male> deal with whatever <Speech_Male> consequences <Speech_Male> at may <Speech_Male> cause him and his <Speech_Male> family. <SpeakerChange> I <Speech_Female> page <Speech_Female> i remember once <Speech_Female> and we were talking about this. <Speech_Female> I had a listener <Speech_Female> sent an email. <Speech_Female> Who wants to know <Speech_Female> why. William <Speech_Male> roddy bryant <Speech_Male> was also being <Speech_Male> charged with <Speech_Male> aries <Speech_Male> murderer. Even though <Speech_Male> he did not <Speech_Male> you know was <Speech_Female> holding the weapon. <Speech_Female> Could you explain why <Speech_Male> in here in this <Speech_Male> happens in a lot of <Speech_Male> states. Why all <Speech_Female> three were charged <Speech_Male> with <Speech_Male> the killing <SpeakerChange> of a marbury. <Speech_Male> <Speech_Male> Yes i can. <Speech_Male> And it's <Speech_Male> true both in the state <Speech_Male> case as well <Speech_Male> as the federal case <Speech_Male> in in. Here's why <Speech_Male> in georgia. <Speech_Male> We had this <Speech_Male> legal theory <Speech_Male> called party <Speech_Male> to a crime <Speech_Male> if someone <Speech_Male> is involved <Speech_Male> in the criminal activity <Speech_Male> to <Speech_Male> the extent that <Speech_Male> they either should <Speech_Male> be aware of <Speech_Male> the consequences <Speech_Male> of that activity <Speech_Male> or <Speech_Male> just a recklessly. <Speech_Male>

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