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Line. D'artagnan is telling the promiscuous young king that he can devote his life to one woman and be a better man for it. I forgot the heroic musketeers words of wisdom and would need to be reminded of them painfully for about a decade. I embraced promiscuity sleeping with almost any woman that would have me. I did this at first recklessly. At the encouragement of my drinking buddies that influenced me more than i them but then later under the guise of personal growth in pursuit of novelty adventure and challenge. There were no new lands to be conquered. So i turned my can kista doors eye toward women inspired by youtube. Pick up artist gurus. I'm sure you've seen them out there. I devoted myself to the practice of the art of seduction across three continents. I approached women. Relentlessly in bars clubs farmers markets and as they stroll down the street from measuring to kiev. And frankly i wasn't very good at it. I kept as spreadsheet as all seducers worth their salt. Do where i tracked my approaches to dates numbers and eventually i deleted it because it was Reminder that relative to others. I just wasn't a great pickup artist or so i thought i also didn't particularly enjoy the time spent or even the sex with the women i met. The sex was in a word. Forgivable i always wore condoms. yes you can get. Hp even wearing condoms and we all know how pleasant quote unquote safe. Sex is sometimes. I wouldn't even come sometimes. I disappointed her by coming way too soon. Thanks to my extended periods of not being being hookup sex. They didn't know how to or perhaps they didn't even really care to properly pleasure me and i them. Of course it was the furthest thing from pure passionate throw caution to the wind sex. What drove me as a seducer was not animal desire but instead the challenge. I've long believed that life was too easy to comfortable and sought out ways to make it uncomfortable but at the same time. It was selfish. I reveled in the thrill of the hunt without much concern for the costs of my promiscuity to women i adopted a really toxic mindset from those youtube pick artists gurus who have now transformed themselves into generic positive transformation mindset kind of guru so that they don't get censored off youtube and here was the toxic mindset sleep with any woman you find attractive any woman as soon as possible for the reference experience regardless of her character which appeals to the most basal of male. Instincts i also came to hold a terribly popular reductionist view of male sexuality that i needed perpetual novelty with women that i was program to be promiscuous by my jeans. This might be something that you believe because a bunch of smart sounding people repeated it. I believed that. I'd be psychologically suppressing some important part of myself if i didn't constantly refill my life with new women. Let's talk about the hypocritical nonconformist my entire life. I've prided myself on being a rebel and nonconformist on breaking society. Silly little rules. I have a simmering low level hatred for everything mainstream. I don't like professional sports. I don't like popular music. I'm an arbitrary. Contrarian put me in a room full of atheists and i'll you the merits of religion and put me in a room full of christians and challenge them to..

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