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I can't tell you how much William Butler Yeats had an effect on my life. My father was a poet and writer and died. Really, right. When I turned eight, but he expressed that to me, I have all his books. I knew how important it was to thrill for me to be here and fly and be sitting with Jamie and Brennan. And you gotta check them out at the experience, and we're gonna give you the address and all that kind of stuff. But thank you so much for joining us into the lovely talk. We had here just moments ago in in your fantastic poetry, reading of some of his poems is great fun to have a passion for your county and fear fear face, and then to have that matched with work works and to have to be able to bring the two together tooth people may never heard many of your listeners of her to eighteen eighteen s foot. You know ranks. And comes at it left her well twits trust and only in time because the actually stands houses, the bet Grace's polish of his age and significance of Yates when he was the why was recognized obviously because of the Nobel prize, etc. And was he did he down the streets of sly goal was revered person. Once you get hit that status. The tummy hit. That's his his interests have moved to park in the Galway area. Over naked, Gregory has great meant are lived push. But is actually true is pundits body was repack creations. He nineteen thirty nine. How's the premise and his body was buried their only after the war and the whole nineteen forty eight which was very poor less that blessed education place today. The whole town chills down and bake did walking and walked out to Trump kiss church arteries, berries is about five six outside. Sounds life magazine. A whole series of cops on this and does milkers fishing bookies in the rain out behind this month because they did recognize a great laws and his contribution to stike. I mean, of course, there's so many directions you could go when when you talk about his poetry. But for you personally because you were such an authority on it. You are deep in the knowledge of his life. His influences except for what is your what's your favorite? My favorite poll is willing to burbs on he after being walking out on Sunday off Canadian Bolton Dublin, and it the great love of his life malt. He he she said at the end of the day at me pulled for steak he has years again from Mary guest gunships type Knowles, and he ruled quite birds and just the very beginning of it is I would that were mypillow fish by birds the foam of the scene. Tired of the famous Demisch here before is conveyed and the flame of the blues twice. Thanks little edge there. So you talk about nod for the people listening, you mentioned the great love of his life that he did not marry because she didn't want to marry her lifeless amount. Coach. Paris newspaper editor Camilla with whom she had to George ties on two years of age eighty two years after she met gates. She HUD, two years after George sizes and shifts daughter east soft unease page of two major roles as grandfatherly figure in life. Wow. And so and again that goes to the fact that he has such. Fitch love for her. And and you mentioned this that so many of his poems really reflected that love life all of those poaching, which stands compare to love sonnets of Shakespeare all of trees, only, always and forever from when mellowed. Moat and unexpectedly became a conflict and marriage bound coach on Mike and the marriage was disaster Easter nineteen sixteen here refers to Dr conveyance glorious was done. Great harm to some four near my heart and within a year as had his marriage end just before they had a son Culshaw like, right? And and also went on his window, but price for peace, not not for literature and and close plan at much remains country. Even those separations and ask ourselves considering second marriage in nineteen sixteen. Sean McBride was unlikely leader of the nineteen sixteen foot pricing until the first week of may that here is execution. I part on the first week of that year nineteen sixteen fetches tomorrow gone has. The south of France, not not not law. We do. City with the Tokyo four times already. I'm not marrying you then permission, which is all gets weird to e salted expense the year in the half way. Just twenty two year old. He's forty but then when he find any realizes she's not going to marry him, and he is desperate to marry. Can afford to be married. He's very very concerned to find heirs to these V8.'s behind as had Cadbury's never had eight. So this was falling on him to keep the name going this work. And then he. He and at two I'm married lady charging bites lease and he focused free of pursue. Wow. Fascinating. We could talk about his personality. And and and of course, work in his influence view mentioned this ready. His big mentor in life was women who had. Massive influence that would say over him lady, Gregory. Yeah. He mentions AC Ninety-Eight pined. He was staying at the house of the Lord in the south of. Marfan? Clouds for teeth over the course of this back summer at they conceived, the initial science which in turn became the IV t shirt and in December of nineteen hundred four the first happy state is push on Indiana classroom and some of distance gates, and the tea is still. Department lady, Gregory, he was school in stay was her home facts nineteenth. Shoes away, those shoes she wasn't ever gets you with them. But she was a DT friends are seeing nurses, get hurled age thirty-one, and he and he nursed her to cancer, and and breaking Mr. how about the influence besides his mentor. His influences.

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