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I'd be able to explain it. But I don't. Shannon, a boy or girl, can you? Find out. I don't know why we can't just decide that we're gonna we're gonna have names in you. Can't you can't go across the boundaries. Is a girl. We're going to have names that are going to be boys and names are gonna be grows. And I'm sorry for some of you that missed it. You're gonna have to live out your life. But we gotta start a plan going forward. Just like with illegal aliens picks pick and go. So like Kelly. Tracy. Shannon. Sue is not one. There was only one Kelly, Tracy, Shannon. And then all the names that are I and Y those are just going to be men Willie all of them were just they're going to be men. I don't care if you put a not Billy Willie. Tommy, Frankie all of them when it's all going to be men and asked me all there is to it. Robin. Yup. Robbins, another one we're gonna pick you gonna pick boy or girl will split it down the middle girls and get some boys get others like Kelly Kelly oughta just go ahead and be a girl's name. I'm gonna do girls on that Tracy is going to be a boy's name because of Tracy Byrd. I don't make him at Shannon's going to be a girl's name. I'm sorry. Shannon. Sharpe. Robyn, I'm gonna do that. Robin roberts. Great baseball players. All you got to you want Robin to be girl or boy, Robin Williams. Robin yount. Good point. Yeah. He was a hell of a brewer. Robin hood. Oh, yeah. He's a boy Robbins going to be a boy's name. Are there any others wrote cradles cradles person? So Robbins going to be a boy's name, and Tracy is going to be a boy's name from now on and Kelly, and Shannon or girls. Are there any other? Let's just be done with this and quit. Just quit naming people stuff that with Dana Dana a damn girl's name. Why do we keep doing this? Yes. This is official..

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