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What are you hearing from members about the work that's going into physical spaces to make employees feel safe returning the are hearing that employers are evaluating and thinking about the purpose of the physical work space The layout and design of their office space. And you know their footprint here in massachusetts and in good news and we heard from our members earlier this spring eighty percent of our members express plans to op stay here in massachusetts expand or relocate your massachusetts so they're certainly a strong commitment within the business unity to continue to to thrive and do business here if they are considering plans are relocating or what their footprint looks like. It's not because of a reduction headcount but really thinking more about what that collaborative space can be to bring people together. And i think employers are also realizing that that physical office space really needs to have a purpose for why their employees would come together and the importance of putting quality in human interest. I in the spirit of that in person work environment anything that also is true for how companies have been thinking about their culture and their organization in bringing together their employees remotely in these virtual times as well. Yes oh so. Let's get into a little bit of that sort of social aspect of work you know so. Many companies before the pandemic of put a big focus on office culture. Dri morale team building. Perks as we move into maybe more hybrid type world Schengen how can employees and employers continue to foster that healthy culture in that growth attention at the end of the day particularly on the i focused And and continuing to keep the door open to those conversations especially for black and brown workers. It's going to be important that no matter what the decision is whether it's to have a hybrid approach for everyone to work in the office at work from home That employers are keeping in mind the health and mental health about being of their employees particularly employees of color Where you know. Kovic has really devastated. Our communities All of our communities of course but You know ours in a particular way. And so like i said just keeping those lines of communications open for folks to be able to chat about how they're feeling to offer their thoughts on how to make their workplace more open Open open to them to to feel as if they're Welcome All of that is going to be important as moving forward and lauren. What's next what to businesses and workers need from from state leaders from the government moving into september. What are you looking for from our leadership. I think employers are Certainly paying attention to what state government is doing sharon massachusetts by they're also Thinking about their employees and what their leadership within their operations can look like so that Whether it's in september or six months from now Their employees feel like they are hard. Obey driving community and a safe environment to be working in terms of State government. we were closely with with the Stayed and i think if anything we find that opportunities to focus on workforce development One thing we didn't get talk about the importance of Talent development and making sure that there's opportunity of Retaining talent growing talent and ways that we can partner with the stage to Provide workforce training for both incumbent workers as well as those that are unemployed looking for work Because that's a huge part of the future work as well. Let's lorne jones executive vice president at massachusetts business roundtable lauren. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having and she couldn't eat a president and ceo of the black economic council of massachusetts. Thank you as well. This was great reshape. The opportunity thank you. That's our show for today. Radio boston is produced by critic. Walter wolfman amanda beland and cynthia visa with help from elliot. Debt and stephen gilman marquees..

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